Keep Your Eyes Open 2

It’s plain as day to anyone with half of a brain. The current system of government and economics in the US is completely dependent on a particular culture. That culture was derived from the Enlightenment. That culture must dominate the US population for this thing to work.

That cultural dominance is gone. The thing itself has been degraded by a tragic change in the education system, a change meant to turn out millions of docile and nearly ignorant workers, easily pacified by various entertainments and distractions. The culture, and thus the system, has been hollowed out. On top of that, there has been a massive influx of people who don’t share that dominant culture, along with a burgeoning alienation from the culture internally. Further, most of those who don’t belong to the previously dominant culture never will belong. Instead, these resident “foreigners” prey on the dominant culture and the system they reject.

The result is the disorder and violent chaos in cities like Chicago and Baltimore. So long as the current system remains in place, it is impossible to make adjustments necessary to restore and maintain social order. The resources for making the necessary changes are not there; it requires a different cultural base to handle these people who refuse to adapt. Further, it is absolutely impossible for the current economic system to continue working. Thus, we see it slowly grinding to a halt. Even if the catastrophic and impossible debt could be flushed out of the system, the cultural mismatch will prevent any significant economic recovery.

This train wreck cannot be stopped. It won’t be an apocalypse, but it will grind to a halt until the chaos forces changes, changes that are not possible with the current system of government. It means that the US government must be replaced, and in the process a break-up of the current union of states. It also means there will be some racial conflict and people driven out of some areas in an attempt to reduce the internal friction.

So much is just a matter of understanding human nature on a grand scale. It’s a waste of time to label any of this good or bad; it simply is the way things work. Mankind is fallen and some problems cannot possibly be fixed. One man’s utopian dream is another man’s nightmare, and it is simply impossible to change aggregate human behavior.

A part of the fallout from this breakdown will be the birth of the Network Civilization. There is a whole new generation of folks already stumbling into this nascent civilization. Already they have turned to the virtual world as the home of their souls. A handful of major tech companies will displace a whole range of functions currently associated with government. Government will become increasingly dependent on Big Tech, and increasingly unable to control these technology giants.

At the same time, I foresee a great deal of new conflicts with Big Tech trying to take control via growing individual human dependencies on technology. The current networking infrastructure will provide leverage for a control that many will find oppressive and painful. This tyranny will result in the rise of an independent internet of sorts, likely based on community mesh networking. Big Tech is already moving toward blatant censorship, and this is the first battle that must be won.

So far as anyone can predict right now, the only way to unplug the corporate and government owned wiring is with an enhanced form of ubiquitous wifi. All it really needs is overcoming the problem with long range linking; you should count on the technology to be there soon enough. Once there is a de facto internet independent of the ogres in Big Tech, the new Networked Civilization will take off.

As always, the point in sharing these things is to help you prepare for future opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We infiltrate and exploit the openings God makes for us.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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