Discerning the Real Problems

I’ve gotten some questions that indicate a need to paint a clearer image on a few things.

As noted in my recent “God’s Law” series, Biblical Law recognizes two kinds of government — imperial and national. But the latter is defined radically different from common understanding today, and the former is highly restricted.

By definition, a “nation” is not a matter of size, but of uniformity in culture. It’s a bunch of people living together with a strong common culture and set of social customs. Without that common culture, government is not possible. That is, any “national” government based on the assumption of mixed cultures is inherently oppressive. It is utterly impossible to govern human life in such a context without somebody being crushed by alien and repulsive moral values. Somebody will always be crapped on. Multiculturalism is an abomination to God.

And by definition, an imperial government stays out of such things. It’s all about the tribute and defense, not regulating human behavior. In America today, we cannot imagine a life where more than a tiny community of maybe 1000 or so could live under the same culture and social milieu. And we are taught that it’s creepy. This bad moral orientation is a part of what draws God’s wrath on the US.

Creation itself is designed in terms of Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) tribal feudal social structure and government. Biblical Law presumes it. Nothing else can satisfy God’s requirements. Everything else is inherently evil. We cannot state that clearly enough.

This is why the US as a political entity is doomed. We would naturally struggle with the question of how much will God tolerate and how long. That’s moral discernment as an art form; you need a strong sense of moral conviction based on Biblical Law plus a strong sense of timing and seeing God’s hand at work.

One thing is for sure: Had America remained a cohesive cultural nation, it would surely not be facing doom right now. This is not a question of whether American culture is good or bad; all cultures have flaws, some worse than others. Rather, my focus is on the critical principle missing from everyone’s calculus in politics: God’s wrath falls very quickly on any government that tries to compel people to live together in harmony when they aren’t united already by common culture and social expectations. In other words, if immigrants aren’t compelled to conform and adopt the culture, they should never receive any of the benefits of citizenship. From the very birth of the first colonies, this has never been done right.

That American culture is based on the Enlightenment was already a huge strike against her. That she then diluted it for imaginary economic goals simply ensures nothing will work for very long. That’s two different sins there, though they are connected by the initial mistake of such a powerful secular philosophy. It guarantees that everything will be done wrong, that nothing will be done right. Creation itself was against us from the start.

To some, this may sound like I would prefer something akin to the cultural homogeneity promoted by the likes of the KKK. It’s not my preference; it’s a matter of what I can point to as the lesser of evils. The existence of the KKK is inherent in the worldview of the Enlightenment, as is child sexual abuse and lot of other evils. Such things are woven into the fabric of American identity. The honest truth is that the KKK is closer to what God demands than multiculturalism. This has nothing at all to do with skin color or ethnicity. If people do not adhere together under an established social and cultural expectation and sense of what is morally right, it won’t matter what race they are — their nation is doomed. Lack of social coherence guarantees the doom comes sooner than later.

This is not about racial segregation, but cultural segregation. A natural part of America’s doom will be the breakup of the federal system, and the formation of regional governments along broad cultural lines. While God may have other specific plans, without a direct revelation of those plans, we should expect America to be broken up into smaller countries. The imperial (“federal”) government has gone too far, pushing into territory reserved for governments closer to the people. God is not pleased, so it’s entirely natural that a civil war is brewing in America, and there is not a damned thing anyone can do to stop it.

Worse, it will be an ugly and chaotic breakup as various locations see the unconscious formation of proper nations on a small scale engaging in turf wars. People will either capitulate or be driven away. It’s not pretty, but it’s also not some evil to be eradicated; it’s entirely natural and necessary. Social stability, the ostensible goal of Biblical Law, is not possible without cultural partitions. Law must arise from a common cultural expectation, and enforcement is inherently oppressive otherwise. Somehow this all must pass through a very messy transition until it reaches a new equilibrium. We should expect it to be only marginally better than what came before.

That’s a matter of prophetic sensitivity. Without a totally different culture, one based on the heart-led way and Biblical Law, no nation on this earth can stand very long. The common availability of instantaneous global communications will guarantee instability. But it’s not the fault of technology; it’s a problem with false assumptions about how humans should be governed. I’m not sure the Westphalian State will last much longer on this earth with the rise of the Networked Civilization and the radical change that brings to human consciousness.

Don’t let the propaganda blind you to the inevitable.

Addenda: People cannot be governed by reason (i.e., democracy, communism, etc.) and not for very long by emotion (i.e., fear). The most effective rule is by covenant (i.e., religion, traditions and customs) under a feudal extended family social structure. Every other system will fail.

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Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Discerning the Real Problems

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    “It is utterly impossible to govern human life in such a context without somebody being crushed by alien and repulsive moral values.”

    I blogged about this idea before, if I may toot my own horn. A bureaucratic multiculturalism ends up as a monoculture. One culture wins out using the state as an enforcement proxy. Nowadays the U.S. has “soft” enforcement, i.e., the 1965 immigration act, various grants to NGOs for socialization, etc.. Along the way it builds resentment with different groups, and resentment has a tipping points. It’s just how humans are.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Of course; it should be obvious to any thoughtful person. We are hardly the first to see it, but it helps to put it into context.


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