I Need More

You should know that this is off the top of my head, in the sense that I’m not composing this in a text editor as I normally would. I’m writing this directly into the blog posting interface. The message itself is ephemeral. I’m convinced we are at a turning point, and what God does next depends on how the virtual congregation of this parish responds. I can’t tell you where the threshold is, either in numbers or time frame; I’m not in charge. This blog isn’t going anywhere, but it will affect my mission.

This afternoon I had a vision, a brief flash of discernment. It came in response to a prayer for more hints or clues about the mission. To be honest, I am still wondering why that laptop matters so much. Once more: This is not me trying to cadge a new toy. I’m happy with what I’ve got — provided my life continues more or less on the same track I’ve been on since starting this blog 9+ years ago. All I’m really doing is teaching and sharing my faith experience. I’m striving to make it something accessible to a very wide audience, but I absolutely must avoid what others have done before me.

Heart-led faith demands something different. I can’t use the methods of mainstream Christian religion. On top of that, a virtual parish can’t do what a physical church does in the first place. But we can do more than we are doing now. I’ll take the blame for a false start two years ago, though I still believe it was something completely out of my hands. Things changed because the wider context changed, and God decided to follow a different track, and now we are at another fork in the road in which you do have some choice.

Here’s the substance of my vision: Where we stand now offers a lot of parallels with the New Testament churches of the First Century. We are departing from a very calcified religion that has long left its roots, and become something so compromised I don’t see how we can stay. I feel very like the Apostles having been kicked out of the old religion and ready to start something radically new. We will surely be persecuted sooner or later, but if we hesitate, we are the ones who will lose out. God is going to do what He does and we are invited to participate. But I cannot work alone. Jesus called twelve for a reason, and part of that reason was to multiply His reach after changing them into different people. I’m just one; where are the others?

With roughly 850 subscribers, it’s pretty hard to sort through and visit all the blogs and websites to see if anyone else is promoting heart-led religion, as well. I believe it’s time to become just a little more organized about this. Any fool can be a simple member of the parish; I can’t keep working alone. It’s not that I’m whining, but I know for certain God intends to put to work those who make themselves available. And while nobody is obliged to echo my teaching, I’m hoping just a few of you folks are close enough to my teaching that I can recommend you to readers. Aside from a link list of friends, I need a list of affiliate sites. Can we at least get that far?

But even more important is that I very much need to associate with folks who feel called to the mission of the gospel. I need it so much that I would love to find a way to come see you in person sometime in the future. I have no idea how we could fund such a thing, and I really don’t care who travels how far to meet, but I’m determined that I will not work alone any longer. Genuine shared faith requires a face-to-face communion; it’s part of the essential nature of how God designed us. If not with some of you, I’m pretty sure God intends to get some other folks involved in that way.

I’m convinced God plans to have me traveling in the future. I have no hint of any details, mostly because He’s waiting to see if some of you want in on this. If it means bike-riding across country or just hitch-hiking, one way or another, I’ll be traveling, likely starting in the coming calendar year. Obviously this will affect what happens on this blog, but by no means do I expect to stop posting. This thing is about ready to move into missionary mode, so I would hope at least a few of you readers will join me. Again, I have no details on how long God will wait or what His plans are. All I know is this thing is moving forward in a different direction and His plans are variable depending on how many of you commit to taking part.

Don’t allow yourself to be moved by anything but that internal drive of the Spirit. Join me if you can’t escape it, but somebody will be in on this.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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