Dreams, Visions and Plans

Yes, I honestly believe in private revelations, dreams and visions. I reject the notion that we can know only what we perceive with our senses and reason. I can know things that come down into my head from my spirit; such things always register in the heart. I cannot count how often I’ve proceeded on the grounds of faith alone when it made no sense otherwise, and it worked out as God promised. Our Lord has been extravagant in His provision.

I also believe that God changes His mind on things. He holds the ultimate prerogatives.

It’s not that God can’t keep His promises, but He often gives His own people choices. I have to respect that when it’s someone else making a choice I may not like. Two previous mission adventures fell through before I even knew what they were. I had been praying and felt they had come close, but then something changed. I still have no idea about any of the details or people involved, but I know it in my heart. I’m utterly certain of it.

So I’ve given the whole thing back to God. All the visions and dreams and expectant faith-filled prayers about such things are back in His hands. He was the source; He gives and takes and His decisions are always in our best interest. I’m not going to let disappointment and frustration capture me. I was hoping and praying for one last mission adventure, but twice something didn’t connect. While some of those visions could be restored later, I’m not going to cling and whine.

For now, the only thing I’m focused on is watching our faith and our family grow. My ultimate dream, and the ultimate adventure, will be seeing people discover the heart-led way of faith. Each of us who belong to this virtual parish are in a position to see a divine harvest. For me, the final ultimate adventure will be watching heart-led congregations form all over the place. Granted, I’m called as a prophet to America, but there’s nothing stopping anyone outside the US being seized by a similar call from God.

So I’m expecting to hear about other congregations, not because it’s my dream, but it’s a dream that was dropped in my lap. It’s all part of the same faith and calling that has driven me through this life since my earliest memories. I’m not that special, just available and chosen. Where I stand now is itself the answer to a thousand prayers leading up to this. Now I cling to the promise that He will finish what He started. I have the privilege of being chosen to watch something I previously never dreamed I could see, and I get to be involved.

I’m still raising funds for the laptop; that isn’t gone. Pray with me about this. And pray also that somewhere ahead of us the Lord will grant one or more financial sponsors to help see this through. Right now we don’t need that much, but once the Lord begins drawing souls, we must find a way to see each other in person. Don’t take that lightly, folks. Nothing can replace heart-to-heart physical contact. I long to see some of you right now, but it will have to wait.

But the reason we will need sponsorship is something fuzzy out there in the future. Somewhere in how this thing will operate, we are going to need a stronger network connection between us. Right now, this and other blogs seem to be enough, along with email and phones. But it should be obvious that this won’t be enough once this thing takes off. This is not a one-man show; if it were, it’s already dead. I will continue to work, and God alone knows how much longer that will be, but if this thing is real, someone else will have to take up the mantle some day. It’s already time to decentralize operations so that we don’t have a single point of failure.

So pray with me that, when the time comes, other shepherds will sense the call and step forward. Pray that what holds us together becomes the means to a closer and stronger fellowship in the flesh. Pray that we have the means, the resources to keep this going in the flesh, as well as online. So I’m not praying merely for a money in my pocked, but for this whole virtual parish thing to crystallize into reality. I have no idea what kind of infrastructure that requires, but I know that someone else has been called to make all that happen. There has to be a way to get more publicity, a way to let people know we are here and what we are doing, without compromising what we are doing.

You’ll have to decide for yourself whether this means more involvement from you, but I’m determined to see it through in prayer that it will be somebody besides me. I might be some kind of trailblazer, but I am not the foundation for this thing. All that stuff I’ve been writing and sharing is just scratching the surface of something I found. If it doesn’t live for you like it does for me, then maybe we are waiting for some other folks to share in the discovery.

But I’m totally serious about this, and I have no other agenda, no other plans than those that support my efforts toward this shining light of the Father’s glory.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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