Bits and Pieces 29

Simply as a matter of accountability, I report that the laptop with one added accessory (a dongle with extra ports) has been ordered. Everything should be here by 27 December. I’ll take pictures of the unboxing for your amusement, and let you know how well it’s working. Its official name will be “harvest.”

Last night I had some time to fill and, on a whim, decided to check out sci-fi movies on YouTube. Some of you know I generally dislike movies. That’s because most of what comes out of the movie industry is not just Westernized, but it’s usually the worst of Western immorality. For once, I found something I actually liked: The Host. It was panned by the critics, which is a good start. It’s basically an alien invasion from critters that borg humans as hosts and take over the world. It’s all so nice and Utopian, except that some humans resist and make it tough. Also, a small number manage to escape this bonding process. The story follows one resistant host gal who manages to convince her occupier to change sides and see that being human isn’t such a bad thing. There’s little that even approaches risqué in the movie, but the thing that got my attention was the high value on persons, trust and kindness. There’s a strong feudal shepherd figure in the movie. It’s rare that something out of Hollywood even approaches the values we teach.

Despite some barriers, I’m going to try riding out to Draper today and catch the last bit of unexplored shoreline. If it works out, there’ll be pictures later today.

This isn’t just a little sparkle in the sky for me. It’s more like a tectonic shift with all the shaking and fire that none of us could escape. I’m naming my laptop “harvest” to represent its purpose, and the utter certainty that grips me: God is going to bring a harvest of souls to our heart-led way of religion. Given what I know of human nature and history, it can come only when the population is driven from their comfort zone. That means some tribulation. It occurs to me this is a good time to finalize big purchases like that laptop, because what I see coming will make using funds like that quite difficult. God will advise you; your heart will know His plans for you. Still, it’s my prophetic calling to warn you to be ready. He’s bringing His wrath to America; there’s no way to know when things will start to shake and crumble. There’s no way to predict what He will leave standing, only that His wrath will be measured, tempered by mercy. Whatever it is, it will be enough to see a harvest of souls for us. Be ready.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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3 Responses to Bits and Pieces 29

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    “The Host” is on Netflix; I added it to my queue. Always on the lookout for a good story. 🙂


  2. Jay DiNitto says:

    Watched “The Host.” I liked it…didn’t love it, but it was a little better than average in terms of sci-fi. In most of these kinds of movies, the utopia–in this case, the cavern–gets compromised by an insider and they have to find a new home. This didn’t happen.

    I also noticed, before I found out who wrote the source material (Stephanie Meyer, who wrote the Twilight series), that the love triangle (rectangle?) that happened had an obvious feminine touch to it. A well-done feminine touch, I might add. Most of the time, those plot elements don’t appeal to me but she did an excellent job with it.


  3. Ed Hurst says:

    I noticed that. It didn’t have the usual predictable drama crap. I admit I hesitated and stopped the video at the point where it first flared up because I dreaded the standard formulaic nonsense. But then I went back and watched it through and realized it was done better this time. Half the reason this video was worth my time was because it wasn’t the same old junk.


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