I Cannot Avoid It

I believe you need to see how this works, to see the questions and inner struggle to discern the wisdom of God. We have such a long way to go in many areas of our shared faith, and this struggle is a sign of progress.

At some point the prophet knows what he has to say. Some prophets find it easy; others struggle like I do. Either way, the shining light of conviction cannot be kept hidden inside. I try to be careful to distinguish for my readers the boundary lines between something solid for me and something that seems fuzzy and incomplete. So I find my prophetic warning about attacking Iran is stone solid, but other issues aren’t quite so crystal clear for me. I can tell that my heart sees something clear as day, but I’m still having trouble freeing my intellect from a lot of bad influences.

In one sense, I can tell you that the mainstream organized Christian churches will be destroyed. In another sense, I don’t think all of them will simply disappear. The difference is perception; heart-led believers will see it as destruction from the level of the moral sphere. Humans without the heart-led vision will see only changes in social influence and style, along with some economic collapse dooming a few particular religious organizations. Thus, we should expect to see a significant number of individual churches lose their facilities, for example.

Whether or not that means the congregation disbands is another matter entirely. But for us, the changes will be of a type, a particular moral character in how mainstream Christian religion degrades. Their dependence on money is what will kill them.

But it’s more than that; it will be connected in some way to the big problem for Israel. I’m not allowed to see much detail, but something big and bad will happen to the Zionist project. It will be a major factor in the destruction of a lot of things, particularly plans and dreams cherished by the neocons and globalists. But it will also hit the mainstream churches pretty hard. While it’s not exactly clear enough to call it prophecy, I suspect some elite group currently supporting Israel will throw her under the bus in order to save something else they value even more. Again, I believe it’s all about the control of wealth.

This is why I wrote that Israel is just a distraction, not of any great significance in the grand scheme of things. All we really need to do as a community of faith is point out that this Israel has no connection to any Bible prophecies, because she rejects the very basis of her true identity: the Covenant of Moses. Furthermore, she is obliged to recognize Jesus as her Messiah; she has to follow the Law as Jesus taught it. That part is simply a matter of Scripture, and doesn’t require any prophetic insight.

As time slides by us, I get a sharpening image in my soul of how the US is going to end. First, there is the inevitable economic shock. This has been coming for a long time and there is nothing any human or group of humans can do to stop it. Second, there will be a constitutional crisis of some sort that shatters the government system. While it is certain to come, the particulars are not clear to me just yet, but the internal conflict between various factions has reached the breaking point. The economic and political crises will play into each other. The primary issue for you and I is to pray that we can discern the current and future events that aren’t big enough to break things. There’s an awful lot of noise that signifies nothing.

These things will affect us. For some of you, your calling doesn’t make much room for such concerns. But for elders, at the least, it matters. We have to see the kind of hassles coming so we can react in practical ways to keep this thing moving forward.

And that’s what really matters: Our religion will explode. If not Radix Fidem by name, then any number of heart-led groups will come to life across America (and elsewhere, for sure). It’s not that we need to pull them in under our wings, but that we need to think in terms of seeing hearts awaken. We are obliged to help them if we can, and pray for those who feel the need to go their own way. This explosion is our raison d’etre, the purpose for which God bothers to grant prophetic gifts among us. It’s our job to nurture this thing.

So as a part of our broader teaching about the continuity of things versus the academic distinctions, I want you to see how the heart-led way works to bring a prophetic insight. In one sense, I cannot distinguish between a specific Word from God versus a general insight that comes from a heart-led sensitivity to what happens in the moral sphere. I see the moral pattern, the shape of things in the character of my God. Does it matter what imagery I use to portray what I see?

All I can tell you at this point is how consistently this prophetic insight has worked for much smaller things along my path to this point. For example, I ride my bike choosing a route based on the very same sense of heart-led awareness that I use to discern the events ahead of us all. The route that I then take riding always results in finding a sense of shalom. Not that everything is perfect, but the results of my choice — in terms of things I cannot possibly control — do come out well. Whether it’s motor traffic staying out of my way, or some peculiar challenge that I didn’t expect, it still all turns out in a broad sense of blessing and serves to reaffirm His divine favor.

That sense of peace with God is indestructible. Nothing in this world can shake it. That’s not to say I cannot lose it, and I can assure you I wouldn’t want to go on living without it. But I simply cannot bring myself to turn from this path, and I want more than anything on this earth for other people to find that sweet peace for themselves. So I’ll keep taking the heart-led path of living and I’ll keep writing about the prophetic insights that I cannot ignore as part of the same package.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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4 Responses to I Cannot Avoid It

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    You have the better basis of knowledge to speak to this, but I’ve noticed that when nations fall, things trend downward in many aspects, but there’s one (or at least a few) catastrophes that do them in for good, within a short time span. Is that accurate?


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    That much is obvious in the historical record, but particularly when you view history with a moral perspective. Nations and countries fall because they have outlived their usefulness in God’s inscrutable plans. Revelation teaches us that there is always some inherent moral flaw that provides the means to destruction. In this particular case, there is even a strong body of secular literature that says pretty much the same thing about how is technically insolvent already, and that the political situation is terminal.

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  3. Jay DiNitto says:

    I like to think of it as something “built into” the firmware of human social organizations: the closer a collective is to true shalom, the better off they will prosper (according to God, not according to material standards). A social organization’s distancing from shalom is asking for eventual destruction. God doesn’t need to slap it down directly since He programmed it into our OS, but that reaping shalom or destruction is directly attributable to His handiwork.

    Getting a little too carried away with the coding analogy, but is that also a fair assessment?


  4. Ed Hurst says:

    Close enough. Creation (reality) has a certain amount of characteristic snap-back, an autopilot reaction if you will. In the case of the US, I sense that it’s more than that. There is something particularly annoying to God and He’s getting directly involved.

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