Exodus of the Soul

This is not an exodus where we all leave the country. This is an internal exodus; we depart from this materialistic worldview and embrace the otherworldly approach to life. The America we’ve known will cease to hold us in bondage.

There will be many plagues falling on that materialistic worldview. Some of them will affect us simply because we are here among these morally blind people. But as things get rougher, God will distinguish between His people and the rest. The worst of the plagues — the madness, in particular — will not fall on us.

They won’t chase us into the Reed Sea, but there may be a sea of red — plenty of bloodshed. It will be very hard to watch, so brace yourself. But there’s little we can do at this point unless the people individually manage to see that we are not caught in the backwash. We must stand above the political fray. Observe and study it; understand it, but don’t place your sympathy with any part of it. This thing has festered for too long, and some folks will simply have to die. There is no possible way to heal the political wounds and go forward as one nation, because it never was under God.

Don’t let yourself be deceived by an affinity for one part or another of the big picture. Everything you see is based on rejecting God and His revelation. If we do not cling to that revelation of Biblical Law, then we are one of them, and will be under His wrath. Biblical Law is the key to surviving and staying sane. It’s standing in the shalom of Christ that will make it possible to survive the storms.

I’m praying for you. My prayers mean little if you aren’t under our covenant. I’m praying for His heart-led people to see the truth, to recognize the madness and escape. I’m praying that our Lord will grant signs and wonders, but in this day and age, the greatest miracle is simply staying sane. I’m offering my newest book on the covenant as a way to organize our thoughts on what to say to people who will inevitably ask how we manage in the chaos.

Given the peculiar situation of our world today, no one has to travel across the world to share this truth. We have the Internet to shorten the distance. But we also don’t have a public square in which to preach, a commonly acceptable means of broadcasting our message without making ourselves look like the same thing we are trying to leave behind. What’s left is that we await the hand of God. His wrath will distinguish us, make us stand out. But it’s appropriate that we pray for God to grant publicity to His truth, so that people will know we are here, that this is something very different, indeed.

Be a shining light of God’s truth.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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