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Gimme a Break

Nothing to write today. Not that I don’t have anything on my mind, but nothing worthy of your valuable time. Thanks for checking anyway.

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A Light in the Darkness

Statistical correlation is not prejudice. Experiential correlation is also not prejudice. What you make of such correlations may be prejudice, but it’s almost impossible for another person to prove without your cooperation. There are so few people making a good … Continue reading

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Photography: High Water, Low Water

Two sets of pictures collected this past Wednesday and yesterday. Draper Lake is still at a high water mark, while the state is mostly in drought. On my trek to the lake, I decided to run south along the eastern … Continue reading

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Not Fatalism

Our doctrine is divine cynicism, not fatalism. Nothing prevents anyone from being like a kid, delighted to explore this life. In it we find all manner of clues and cues to our Father’s love and mercy, His infinite wisdom. Remember, … Continue reading

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Sermon on the Mount 17

Justice 7:12-14 First off, Jesus quotes directly from the Talmud, something accredited to several rabbinical scholars, but is found in far more ancient traditions all over the Ancient Near East. It’s the Golden Rule, which the Talmud states in the … Continue reading

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The Wrong Truth

The famous meme taking a line from a stupid movie — “You can’t handle the truth!” — had nothing to do with whether the truth was so mind-blowing, but that the person demanding the truth was so lame. It reflects … Continue reading

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Off the Cuff: Vaccines

I suppose it’s about time for a fresh restatement on this business of vaccines. The concept in itself isn’t that bad, but it won’t work for everything. Give someone’s body a very limited exposure to a weakened version of some … Continue reading

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