Draper Point 7

Point 7 isn’t much to look at. The terrain around it is much more interesting. This arm of land jutting out into the northwest corner of Draper Lake contains the canyon, and the ridge hosts several lovely features, like that cascading rock ledge I climbed once while dragging my bike with me. But it was a fun ride and a good workout just following the old shore trail all the way around.

It was a good chance to think through something. That is, I needed a way to get my mind to submit to the wisdom of my heart, and a vigorous ride like that is perfect. I stopped out on the point for something like a half-hour to let the sound of waves lapping on the shore aid the process or prayer and contemplation. I love the isolation where I can talk out loud and even get a little animated at the folly of some people.

On the outbound leg, I stopped at a clearing on the cove. These north-reaching coves are all still frozen from two weeks mostly below freezing temperatures. I tossed a fist-sized chunk of red sandstone out onto the ice; the rock shattered and left a tiny mark in the ice. That’s what it’s like dealing with some populist crusaders, so hardened that they listen to nothing. Every message that isn’t in total slavish agreement with them is vilified as the selfsame evil they claim to fight.

I’m referring to the Pro-Trump Pizzagate crusaders. In the name of fighting child sex trafficking, their real agenda is the most mindless partisan politics. Nobody will complain if an individual child is saved from abuse, so it’s not a waste of time to track down someone engaged in such abuse. But these folks are convinced they are saving the world, and get quite angry when you suggest they might be missing a far bigger and more substantial target that stands to rescue millions of children. These people claim their little humps are the only true mountains out there. Meanwhile, they have no clue how this sex trafficking works, particularly when it comes to what makes is possible to keep that trade alive.

They don’t understand that Western Civilization itself is the primary problem. They participate in the horrible lie that Western culture is the quintessence of biblical Christian religion. Western culture idolizes youth and sexual license at the same time; it’s only natural that most adults harbor some measure of pedophilia. It takes a good measure of self-loathing to be so zealous about it when chasing the random hapless fool who gives into the temptation. Folks, when you view it from the revelation of God, child molestation is wrong for the same reason most human sexual activity is wrong: it’s contrary to our design and is destructive. It plays into Satan’s hands in surrendering the blessings of shalom. In the Bible, there is nothing particularly sacred about childhood; in Western culture, it’s a full-blown idolatry. That idolatry is a primary cause, a fundamental reason the West has such a big problem with pedophilia.

But setting that aside, when these crusading zealots claim they are trying to go after the perversions of the elite, they carefully ignore how the political machinery that keeps their favorite party in power is no less guilty than the opposition. Has everyone forgotten the Franklin Scandal? No one seems to notice that there was no cleansing of the system; the same Republican people who made Franklin happen are still involved in politics. Only, now they do a better job of hiding their crimes against children. The Democrats are simply more often honest about their perversions; several activists have archived images from a public art show funded by lefties that would turn your stomach — including images of children. You can find the links if you wade through 4chan and similar forums. At this point, you would think the crusaders are picking on the lefties only because the lefties are more open about it. It’s pure political hypocrisy if they aren’t going after the righties who do the same stuff. But then, there are lefty crusaders who get their videos on CNN, for example, talking about how the Republican policies are making child sex trafficking legally possible all over the world. It’s true, but still misses the point.

The crusaders are lost in the woods. The people who get caught are either non-elites, or servants of the elites thrown under the bus. The elites who are relentless in pursuing such pleasures own the legal system, so they’ll never be prosecuted. It’s not about the sex for them, but the thrill of abusing other humans. If it were a simple matter of sexual pleasure, it would be really quite easy to sexualize a large number of children who would be quite willing to engage in such activity. It’s already being done, actually a standard feature of growing up in many plutocrat families, but the market is relatively small. It’s more useful to pervert and manipulate people using the degrading slavery version that shocks us. Do you know that there is a large market in child sexual snuff films? (Look into the Dutroux dossier.) The elites have leaked it just to taunt the crusaders, who can do nothing to the perpetrators. The murders of those investigating the Franklin Scandal still serve as a warning to stick with going after the small fry.

Sure, I’d get involved in helping to rescue children from trafficking, but I can’t find any sane projects. At least half the time, the child victims are sent through a “recovery program” based on horrific schools of psychotherapy, leaving the kids more tormented and twisted than they were before. And just who among us has not suffered some kind of childhood trauma, sexual or otherwise? Most of us faced things that left us damaged in one way or another, yet we didn’t need that kind of twisting evil to make it into adulthood. If there’s one thing for which a dire need stands, it’s a distinct psychology based on the heart-led way. God is the ultimate healer, and He rebuilds life as it was meant to be.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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4 Responses to Draper Point 7

  1. wildcucumber says:

    Ed, have a look at this guy. He’s coming pretty close to teaching a heart-led psychology.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    I’ll check it out…

    Yep, that’s a good one. I took notes because it sounded like my own teaching in different words. I’ll have to check out some more of his stuff and perhaps make a post about it. Thanks.


  3. Jay DiNitto says:

    I had subscribed to him a few weeks ago but never really checked out his past videos. Good find, wc.


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