Secrecy Lies

Let’s explore another value shift: secrecy.

In the Bible, secrecy is a valid tactic, but is immoral as a strategy. That is, you can deny your enemy knowledge of the facts of your tactical plan, but you cannot hide from him your final intentions. That’s when secrecy becomes a dirty lie, and our American culture and government are built on lies from Hell.

There is only one valid purpose for life in this Fallen Realm: to shine the light of God’s glory. Redemption from the Fall includes recognizing that you cannot come up with a solution to the Fall. You can’t fix it; you must escape it. That’s the whole point in mysticism and the otherworldly viewpoint: This world is not the real thing. The Fall is not a curse on Creation itself but an affliction of perception. The Curse means that we are born morally blind, locked inside our human capabilities, our intellect ignoring the heart-mind. The intellect cannot possibly arrive at the truth of things when separated from the higher faculty of conviction and faith. Redemption is not improving the mind, but subjecting the mind to the heart.

And then we have to clarify that the heart is not the seat of sentiment, but of the will; it’s the part of us capable of engaging true faith. The heart is a sensory organ in its own right with a mind separate from the brain — that’s the factual science part. We never allow this teaching to slip away from a central position in what we do here at Radix Fidem because it’s directly contrary to a vast ocean of false cultural imagery about what the heart is and what it does. It’s been hijacked and we have to restore the biblical truth that the heart is the seat of the will, not sentiment. Sentiment is just another component of the intellect.

Here we have the first example of why you might need to delay telling someone as much as you could. Understand the basic principle: Deception is a matter of intent. It’s based primarily on seeking a competitive advantage over other people. It’s an attempt to deny them the truth and manipulate them into some course of action that gives you an advantage. This is not morally valid. Our Creator has provided more than enough to prosper and enjoy life, even after the Fall, but that life must embrace His remedy. A critical element in redemption from the Fall is to stop trying to win against other people, and to restore fellowship and communion as our fundamental design. It’s not deception to give people a chance to digest something simple before you shock them with something hard. Your intention is to get keep them moving on the path to Eden.

Saying it that way is clearly a rejection of the analytical approach to reality. It simply reaffirms our fundamental assertion that human nature is broken. The rational approach to reality is inadequate, and it is the rational approach that posits objective truth as the true God-in-effect, when there is no such thing. The notion of propositional truth is a lie. Truth is a living Person; truth is the moral character of God Himself. He’s alive and not at all aloof from our condition. The problem of the Fall is the human tendency to trust the intellect, which is fatally flawed from the start. We don’t hide the fact that we reject the entire epistemology of the Western world as wholly inadequate for human existence.

But if that were our whole message, we would help precious few people. So rather than deceive people, we delay the whole truth until they are ready to face that Flaming Sword at the Gate of Eden. We aren’t protecting that Gate, keeping it only for a precious few who earn their approach. It’s meant to be universal and there’s enough for every living soul ever born. The Flaming Sword itself is the selector. But we don’t throw pearls to pigs. It’s not that they are pigs by nature, but it’s where they are right now. There has to be some progress along the path of moral awareness. They have to recognize that Flaming Sword as salvation, that the death they fear is actually their friend.

You may recall a very popular Internet meme with Jack Nicholson as Colonel Jessup yelling at the lawyer in court that the latter can’t handle the truth (see A Few Good Men). What’s behind all of that is the elitist arrogance of some special group set aside to do the dirty work of defending everyone else, as if the world were so evil and threatening to a holy system of government. It’s an elitist viewpoint that rejects the Fall and rejects revelation as a whole. It’s a rational position built on lies. It’s also exactly what the plutocrats think, that they have something so precious that it must be defended at all costs. Our complaint here is not the cost in resources, but the moral costs. So Jessup’s rousing speech is a lie from Hell, but it’s also the American way.

Yet it’s also the American way for likes of Navy Lieutenant Kaffee to act as if propositional truth is some kind of deity, and that secrecy is inherently wrong, even if sometimes necessary. It’s this internal conflict between the two implacable demands that makes for profitable entertainment, because it polarizes between doing and being. There is no unifying moral fabric in such a system; we are forced by necessity to embrace the nasty as necessary because the alternative is worse. So we have a culture and system of government that demands we accept the existence of dirty secrets in order to survive and keep our decadent materialistic way of life, or surrender to become a third-world hellhole. That’s a false dichotomy. It means all manner of evil is done on behalf of the people, who then bear the full burden of God’s wrath without a clue as to why.

It’s a false dichotomy because revelation says the whole system is from Hell. The first and biggest mistake is materialism, the worship of Mammon. It’s not that you can’t have good stuff to use in making a comfortable life, but that having it is a result, not a valid goal. It stands as a rejection of shalom as the promise of God for doing things His way. You and I can plainly see we aren’t going to fix a culture that was born in sin. Scripture judges a lot of other human civilizations, but up to now, no other civilization in human history has so fully epitomized the Fall as Western Civilization has. The very core value of the West is embracing the Curse, the choice to trust human fleshly capabilities and shutting down the supremacy of the heart and moral conviction. In the West, the heart is the seat of mere sentiment, and “faith” is just another word for intellectual belief. It does not permit a genuine direct connection to a higher realm of spiritual reality because no such thing can exist. The personal God of the Bible is exchanged for some lifeless “objective truth.”

This is the source of an abusive and dehumanizing secrecy in government.

(Note: We are not globalists; we have no objection to nationalism. We encourage boundaries and national identity. But a nation that flatly rejects Biblical Law is doomed.)

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Secrecy Lies

  1. larryzb says:

    Clearly, ours is a misdirected civilization. What is so terribly disturbing is that so many self-professed Christians are part of the problem. Giving lip service to their faith, they act no better than pagans. We cannot honestly call the US a Christian nation any longer. (Christian Zionism is a vile heresy and needs to be rejected and resisted. Eschatological Christianity (end-times) also needs to be rejected.)


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