Another Case of Mass Hypnosis

If you fear that you have too much to lose, then you have nothing to gain.

Think about the countries the US treats as enemies. The two biggest “threats” (Russia and China) have something the US does not: Neither of them have this mindless drive to export their culture and policies. They simply want to protect their ways for themselves. The US can’t leave anybody alone because it demands unlimited and exclusive access to everyone else’s resources. Thus, you’ll find China and Russia engage other countries by invitation only, while no one can get rid of the US.

Oh, but we spend massive tax revenues on “national security.” Do you understand that the primary function of the CIA is not spying, but to wedge open other countries so we can rape them? Meanwhile, the State Department complains that we are paying too much for everything. These are established facts, but the government strives to hide it from us. I’ve oversimplified things, but this is the essence of what happens. All our warfare and so-called statecraft are aimed at economic plunder behind the scenes. America is the greediest nation on earth; our alleged generosity pales in comparison simply because we allow the government to hide from us just how rapacious we are.

I write such things so you’ll understand what we should expect from God’s wrath. It’s a basic moral principle that the nature and character of a nation’s sin is reflected in how God’s wrath plays out. For example, on the battlefield, the bulk of our current military activity has failed, and will continue failing. First, there’s this huge cover of deception on why our troops are where they are. There is no valid military objective, just lots of activity that serves a non-military purpose. But it’s a sick and perverted method. Instead of simply taking their resources, we insist on forcing these countries to install puppet governments so we can pretend to do business freely. The essential element is the pretense, and it’s twice damned because we already know that no one is fooled by this — oh, except for a major portion of the US population.

Meanwhile, goat herders with ratty old rifles have figured out they can defeat our troops, supposedly the best military in the world, by refusing to play by our rules. The fundamental nature of how our military operates forces us to make enemies and engage them in the least effective ways possible. The real enemy is hatred of the US, something that can never be eradicated by military operations, because it’s the military that provokes the hatred in the first place. Try to understand, Brothers and Sisters, that America is nowhere close to God’s moral standards. We violate Biblical Law in every way possible.

God is patient and gives our sinful nation enough rope to hang itself. Already our troops are defeated in the sense that they accomplish nothing but provoking greater resistance. The harder we push, the more we lose. The more we spend, the more it costs. At some point in the near future, we will face catastrophic losses; look for it. In terms of economics, when the whole thing rests on mass rape, eventually you run out of fresh victims. Okay, that’s a metaphor. Our economic system demands a constant supply of untapped resources; the whole thing requires rapacious growth or it dies. But we’ve bumped up against the end of untapped resources, at least in terms of what is easily grabbed. What’s left will cost more to get, and the marginal return doesn’t simply shrink — it suddenly reverses into net loss. In other words, our military and our economy both will collapse under their own weight.

Yes, it’s very easy to find more sensible plans, but the people in charge aren’t listening. There’s nothing anyone can do about that; it’s the nature of their peculiar brand of evil. They are driven by blind imperatives. It’s a cultural identity not subject to amendment. But wholesale destruction is not God’s plan — I believe it would destroy too much of the rest of the world prematurely. I believe it’s apparent God has plans beyond the end of whatever the US has become. So instead of wholesale, apocalyptic destruction, it will be a break-up of the behemoth into something more manageable.

It’s hard to picture the US broken into smaller regional states simply because we can’t pick out from among the many possibilities just what it is that will cause such a break-up. As you might expect, the proximate cause(s) of such a fracture will determine where the new borders are drawn. But there are already so many ways we are divided, and implacably so, that it’s hard to guess. I’m betting that the federal bureaucracy will fight tooth and nail, but go down whimpering in impotence. I’ll let somebody else make the money taking bets on which wedge issue(s) will cause the break, but I’m pretty sure it will come as a shock to most folks. That’s because the effort to keep the populace blind with that insane patchwork of secrecy is partially effective. There will be a tremendous amount of noise about it, but the fragmentation is well along, fractures under a thick coating of paint.

Just so you’ll understand where I’m coming from: I had some clearances in the military, but was in a position to surmise far more than I was told. That was due in part to having several close spiritual brothers who had those really high clearances. It’s what they didn’t say, but which leaked out of their anguished souls, that taught me so much, and the rest was the Lord working in my soul to help me see what was rather poorly hidden. People didn’t want to know what really mattered; they kept obsessing over what they thought was “cool” and flashy secrets that didn’t actually exist. It was all about the paint job and imagination. It’s part of our artificial culture to focus on entertainment, and ignore the substance of things. People are taught to be bored with the truth.

What is even less obvious is how the overwhelming mass of petty bureaucratic secrecy is a primary symptom of collapse.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Another Case of Mass Hypnosis

  1. larryzb says:

    Insightful analysis! One commonly held myth among many Americans is that it cannot happen here. The country could break apart. This hardly need be a surprise given the constant harping upon differences rather than what we have in common.

    I would respectfully disagree with your take on China. The Chinese are a very clever and cunning people. (This is no real revelation to those who have had extensive dealings with Chinese.) They suffer from a Confucian superiority complex and think that they will one day be running or at least greatly influencing much of the world.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Regarding China, I was referring to their current behavior. For now, they are simply doing business with anyone and everyone. What they may do some day in the future is another matter.


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