Another Unpleasant Burden

Our rejection of Western epistemology isn’t absolute; we reject the primacy of Aristotelian logic. We grasp the common standards of reason and logic. We use it ourselves, but we insist that it has limited application. Our reality is far bigger than the one Aristotle proposed. It’s not just a belief — we are in direct contact with a higher realm of existence that Aristotle denied. We insist that the heart-mind (AKA faith, conviction) is superior to the intellect, and is the ultimate source of truth and awareness of reality.

What do we say when we are faced with someone spouting nonsense that fails both the logic of Aristotle and the heart-led discernment of truth? Here we have our UN Ambassador Nikki Haley making official statements of US policy, and what she says is so preposterous it doesn’t even qualify as a lie. Nor can you write it off as insanity; she’s not deluded. She knows full well her statements turn reality on it’s head by any standard of evaluation. It’s a pernicious Orwellian intent to herd humanity directly into the pits of Hell. The insanity is her insistence that Hell is actually Utopia.

Her lust for slaughter is incomprehensible. She is a perfect personification of the Harlot in Revelation 17, representing herself as a fine church lady of American Zionist Christianity. Her message is the same as Israel’s, a troublesome little country striving to give a good rendition of the Beast. We long for the day when the Lamb overcomes this pair.

Still, this is not the apocalypse, so we will have to bear with them a while yet. But this is a time of tribulation. This is the time when, as our Lord suggested, you keep an eye on current events in case we need to get out of Dodge. Not so much in a literal sense, but we should reduce our dependencies so that our divine mission isn’t compromised when something is suddenly removed. Unlike the preppers, we aren’t expecting to hole up in the wilderness in a literal sense; Revelation 12:6 was not meant literally. It’s a warning to discern and disconnect from a system that God intends to crush.

We’ve known the UN was rotten from birth. The few rare individuals over the years with clean hands who worked at the UN were quickly expelled for hindering the corruption. This doesn’t mean God doesn’t have His servants working there, but these are people who enjoy a good rough ride and facing danger. It’s what some folks do, and they have their place in Heaven. But most of us aren’t called to that kind of thing. We have to pull back from a disaster waiting to happen.

The US is going down with the UN for the same reason; the UN is simply a manifestation of something deeply wrong with the US. It won’t matter what happens to the institution. That’s just a facility and the system that operates it. Pay attention to the kind of people involved. The bogus premise behind the whole thing is very much like the lying spirit God sent to King Ahab (1 Kings 22:19-13); it’s His wrath sneaking in the back door as a sting operation. It only catches those already committed to ignoring His Word. As the rejection of God’s moral truth becomes more bold and honest, we know it’s all about the crumble.

Writing such things is the ugly part of a prophetic ministry. The good news is sweet — I can tell you that the Lord has strong and decent people in many state and local governments. They are wise enough to see this crash coming, and are doing all they can to prepare for disaster recovery. Pray for them, even if you have no idea who they are. A great burden of care rests on their shoulders. Season your mind; start thinking in terms of putting more trust in things closer to home. Seek a sense of peace that you reside in the place God wants you — this is a critical element in Biblical Law. Creation is far more supportive if you are where you belong. Then ask the Lord to open your eyes of discernment as to whom you should trust and on what terms. Whatever good that is salvageable will be in their hands.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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5 Responses to Another Unpleasant Burden

  1. larryzb says:

    As to the UN and others, we are reminded of Isiah: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.”


  2. Iain says:

    If you ain’t ready, you best be getting ready.


  3. Jay DiNitto says:

    Did Haley say something about NK?


  4. Ed Hurst says:

    She’s been constantly ranting about how we cannot accept a nuclear North Korea. She’s the ideal partisan mouthpiece for the neocons.


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