The Issue of Anti-Zionism

This follows on yesterday’s post. Let’s go a little farther with putting things in perspective.

While I am anti-Zionist, I’m not a weapon aimed at Zionism. I’m not an enemy of the Jewish people (however it is you define “Jew”), except that I refuse to go along with their story and their plans. I’ve explained how their one, biggest and most dangerous lie is their continued claim as God’s Special People. They were at one time; that’s no lie. But I’ve shown from Scripture that the Covenant of Moses, the only claim they have to anything that matters, is closed. It’s not dead, but it’s been superseded by another. So if they have any hope at all of making anything of their place in this world today, they had best return to that covenant in the sense of what it has now become. If they don’t obey Moses, as taught and explained by Jesus, then they are just another bunch of humans without a clue to God’s real agenda.

But by the same token, we are also required to embrace that new covenant, with all the connections and implications found in the old covenant. Otherwise, we also have no clue about God’s agenda. The underlying truth behind that Covenant of Moses was God’s agenda from the beginning, and it hasn’t changed. It’s just a lot easier to see if you can understand Jesus as the restoration of God’s initial revelation in Creation. The New Covenant is just the original covenant restored. That fundamental revelation has never changed; the requirements are written into the fabric of Creation itself. It’s the same moral covenant it always was, and the various Law Covenants were only manifestations of that deeper truth. Jesus didn’t change any of that; He made it easier to find and embrace. He became the revelation personified, so we need only embrace Him personally to get involved with it.

So all my various mutterings and posturing are simply a reflection of that one goal: To ensure I become as close to the Living Law of God, Jesus Christ, as I can.

A big part of that is talking about it. Silence is not an option. Take away my mouth and my keyboard and I’ll find some other way to shout out at the world what precious treasure I’ve found. And a major element of that message is that this human existence is one huge damned lie. In some sense, it’s not even real. It’s one massive deception, and all the folks investing so much energy and effort into fixing things are wasting themselves in pursuit of what does not and cannot exist.

But in order to have any impact at all on the rest of humanity lost in this fog, I have to play along, go through the motions. Is it possible I might find myself pulling out a gun and squeezing the trigger at someone down range? Yep. It could happen yet before I die. However, you can be sure my motivations will not likely be the same as anyone else involved in any kind of shootout. It’s not that removing some life is likely to change much, nor saving a life, in the sense most humans consider such things. Taking or saving any individual life might well be the best thing I know to do at the time, but the reasons would have nothing to do with fixing this damned world. Fixing ain’t gonna happen. Killing, dying, rescuing or just watching — I’m looking for a way to portray something that points a way out of this world.

I get really irritated when some anti-Zionist activist just assumes I am part of his agenda. There’s not much I can do about it, but it chaps my hide. I’m not interested in putting Jews in their place, whatever place that may be. It’s not necessary to deny that “Israel” was once the name for God’s walking, talking living revelation of truth. It is necessary to distinguish what’s in the Bible from what’s on the ground today. They had it right in the past; they could hardly be more wrong than they are today. Part of what makes them wrong is their false notions about what once made them so special, and what difference it made in this world. But I refuse to be associated with the likes of the BDS movement, and I’m not pro-Palestinian.

I keep doing my best to show how the lie of Judaism, coming into existence even before Jesus was born, has been pushed and insinuated into what became of Christianity and Western Civilization. We cannot allow ourselves to forget the Judaizers chasing around the Mediterranean Basin behind the Apostles, trying to Judaize-Hellenize what was essentially an Eastern Mystical religion — what Jesus actually taught. It’s the same Eastern Mystical religion the Hebrews once had, but trashed in favor of the cheap thrill of human rationalism. Judaism is not Old Testament; it’s Moses gutted of everything that really matters and filled with legalism and materialism. Jesus and the Apostles had no substantial quarrel with Moses, but with the Talmud and the whole trash-bag of Judaism.

You’ll have to follow your own convictions, but I’ll do the same, and that includes jabbering about it here.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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4 Responses to The Issue of Anti-Zionism

  1. Iain says:

    Bully, good sir, bully.*
    *Adjective, informal North American
    very good; first rate


  2. Old Jules says:

    I suppose there must be somewhere between ‘not-pro-zionist’ and ‘not-pro-Palestinian’ were a person can make a firm, strong stand for something. It’s just not obvious what it might be insofar as the realities of that piece of geography and what has been happening there since around 1967.


  3. Ed Hurst says:

    Yeah, labels can be so pesky and misleading. All the good ones tend to be associated with things we aren’t.


  4. forrealone says:

    When God told Abraham that his seed would be many and would be given a chosen existence, their purpose was to be to Shine the Glory of the Lord to all of the world. This was to be done by living an exemplary life of the heart-led way. They failed miserably over and over. Eventually, they lost that chosen existence forever. Jesus presented, by his very existence as a human, THE exemplary life by which we, too, may live. He and we do NOT live to judge anyone. We live to manifest His Truth. Don’t need labels for that.

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