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A Taste of Shalom

You really should check out the Radix Fidem forum linked over on the right side here under the “Blogroll” heading. Good things are happening there. When you first shift your conscious awareness over to the heart-led way, it can be … Continue reading

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The Parable of Reality as a Person

Under the covenant of Radix Fidem, we hold the doctrine that Creation is alive, sentient and willful. Creation is generally the same thing as “reality” in the sense that Creation acts to defend its prerogatives. Creation is not all-powerful; that’s … Continue reading

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Path and Destination

It’s not as if we could do nothing, but what any action we take must follow Biblical Law. We live in a fallen world; it’s terminal. There is no saving this world as know it. What we mean by “this … Continue reading

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The Mark of Humanity

Thanks to Jay, I was able to watch Blade Runner 2049. I’m frankly disappointed. Granted, I have gripes about it as a movie; most movies these days stink. But my biggest gripe is the very disappointing way the question of … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus: Matthew 10:5-15

Most people don’t quite get what’s going on here. First, we have to understand something of the religious behavior of Jesus’ day. Jesus was an established rabbi; no one questioned His status. He probably wore a distinctive rabbinical garment. We … Continue reading

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Nebuchadnezzar Was a Good Guy

So why was it God depicted Nebuchadnezzar as the golden head of the statue in Daniel’s vision? Some things are obvious. The most popular answer from Western Christians is that Neb was simply fulfilling God’s plan. He had utility and … Continue reading

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Transportation Update 1

Here’s where we are now. The car fund stands at $2K. We are looking for something usable at that price while trying to add more to the fund. I’ve been working just a little, but unless we get more clients, … Continue reading

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