Serenity in Other Words

Don’t get distracted.

I’ll admit up front that I could be wrong on lots of things. In particular, I refer to my blather about politics and economics. I’m not trying to show you how smart I am; I’m trying to make sure the sheep of our Lord’s pasture aren’t feeling threatened. I want you to see with your heart the Lord leading you in green pastures and beside still waters. His rod and staff are defending you. Whether or not my voice reflects His song is for you to decide.

It’s not a question of intelligence when the Lord places a prophetic burden on your soul. I am utterly certain that we have missed the bullet on a modern apocalypse. There will be tribulation, but not an apocalypse. The economic system will take a shock, but it will keep working fundamentally. You might have trouble getting some imported foods, but you won’t starve for economic reasons. Sure, it’s always a good time to think about ways to economize and tighten the belt, but that’s a matter for your own heart and convictions guiding you.

That’s where the focus should be: The heart-led way. While things remain as they do for now, it’s a good time to train your mind to follow your heart. Get familiar with the space in your soul where convictions stand like bedrock. You’ll need that reference point later when people around you start going nuts.

I am convinced that we will experience a certain social chaos. I’ve been reading broadly among both left and right, preppers and conspiracy theorists, revolutionaries and fascists, etc. I’m trying to gauge where they believe things are headed, not seeking any kind of useful information and prognostications. I’m convinced they have most things wrong, but I trust the prophetic message in my soul, not my intellectual acumen — such as it may be.

Let’s get one thing clear: All human government is the result of a conspiracy to rule. There are real conspiracies, but most of them are in plain sight if you know where to look. There are also a bunch of wild theories that suggest other kinds of conspiracies. The problem is that these other kinds of conspiracies, real or imagined, aren’t capable to doing any real damage. So while globalists, for example, are annoying and troublesome, they don’t have what it takes to actually take over. That’s because their plans are based on theories that ignore reality.

It’s like that with communism, for a related example. The assumption behind communism is that people will generally act in their own economic best interests. They don’t. People make an awful lot of economic choices for entirely non-economic reasons. That’s how we are wired, and nothing can change that. It’s the wild belief that humans can be reshaped by social forces that makes a whole raft of progressive politics sheer nonsense. And what passes here in America for conservatism is no better; it ignores major elements in human nature.

So all these dark theories about forces attempting to rule the world, or parts of it, are quite accurate in terms of there being such people with such nasty intentions. But their intentions can’t be carried very far because they don’t take into account human nature. They are built on a mythology that doesn’t actually work.

Is my personal mythology any better? That’s a dumb question, actually. That question ignores all I’ve been saying about how we should not orient on objective measures of success. I am not just making noise when I assert that there is no objective reality in the first place. There is only experience and perception, and we continue to exist as the human race because we tend to share a significant measure of perception. I say that much of our shared perception is not consistent with experience. I’ve gone looking for a way of approaching the whole thing so that my perceptions do a better job of accounting for my experiences. It’s not a question of success, but of finding some inner peace. Nobody alive now is, or in the past has been, in a position to judge whether that inner peace coincides with some imaginary objective reality. Inner peace is about as much as we can hope for.

That’s what I’m trying to provoke others to seek. I’ll share what I can about mine in hopes that it will get you to start your own search. I have full confidence your heart is wise enough to help you filter out from my story what won’t work for you. Nobody says you have to follow me, but I’m pretty certain of where I’m going and I will make my voice heard as I move. So I might shepherd you to green pastures, but you’ll have to decide what to bite off from the stuff growing there; it rests on your own instincts.

I’m pretty sure the nearest thing we have to a global cabal that can actually do anything is the international banking system. The folks running that system have never wanted to govern, only to control a limited range of things that give them money and power over everyone else’s money. That’s pretty smart, if you ask me, because it’s doable. It’s consistent with the reality of how people actually do things. I think they can see a collapse coming, and want to prevent as much damage to their system as they can. So they’ll act in due time to crash the stock markets by raising the interest rates on borrowing. This will deflate a lot of debt bubbles. Some smaller central banks that can’t be saved will collapse in some countries, but the system itself will remain intact.

Meanwhile, the market correction will cause a lot of pain and it will change a few governments. But no one can tell the bankers not to do this; no has the leverage. Meanwhile, the bankers will seek to prevent a one-world government because war is their best chance to keep governments in debt. Their power isn’t absolute. The bankers’ position is already dicey enough without a government becoming strong enough to ignore them. As long as everyone in the world assumes they have to borrow to get anything done, the bankers will keep their position. They have a long enough history working together over such a vast number of people involved that they can pull it off. Nobody else can do it, and the bankers don’t try to grab more than they can handle.

So I say: Relax about vague threats of one-world government. It ain’t gonna happen. Don’t worry about an apocalypse. Focus on getting used to heart-led living so that when the tribulation comes, you’ll be a bright shining light of truth simply by virtue of having that inner peace. Whatever good anyone can have in this life rests on restoring the heart-led way.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Serenity in Other Words

  1. forrealone says:

    “Focus on getting used to heart-led living so that when the tribulation comes, you’ll be a bright shining light of truth simply by virtue of having that inner peace. ” That is it, in a nutshell.


  2. Iain says:

    Yes sir. I’m right with you on that and I’ll add this; get out of debt and the bankers won’t have any hold on you. Pay your taxes, don’t cheat on them, stay small and TPTB will not even know you exist and you’ll live a happy life. You can only help those close to you for long periods actually change, the best you can do with the rest is plant seeds for others to water and tend to.
    Amount owed 57¢ ; used to be 2¢ but that’s inflation for you (wave walking stick, rearrange shawl sit back down and watch Matlock) ha!


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