Prayer Request: Transportation Again

This is not a fund raiser; I want you to pray with us. There are complications.

Basic reality: My wife’s job requires reliable transportation; she’s obliged to drive all over the local school district, sometimes a different site every day. We’ve had our car for four years now and we’ve been blessed to have something like this work so well for so long. We’ve never had the income to buy a new one, or even a newer one, so this one stands out as truly blessed. But the truth is we’ve just about squeezed the last few drops of life from it. The issue is the electronic controls are degrading slowly. It should run for awhile yet, so now is the time to start praying for replacement.

Here’s the first complication: Maybe you are aware that the market right now is flat out strange. There is a massive auto credit bubble building and people seem to be aware of it. The used car market here is very dicey. We need prayer that we’ll be protected from predators.

The second complication is related: I’m still unwilling to use credit. I may eventually be forced to, but it’s very risky. I don’t want to go that route unless the Lord is beside us to protect us and make it work. The entire credit industry is really a mess, but it’s not dangerous across the board. It’s really hard to choose because there is so very much deception about it. We’ll take all the donations we can get, and they will be used for a car, but the market is tight. We are praying for an “angel seller,” an agent of God’s mercy.

The third complication: My wife and I can sense some very bad vibes around things in general. It’s a distraction. It would be inappropriate to tell you much about it because there are too many innocent folks involved. But there are some malevolent forces seeking to use some of our kin against us. We tried to keep them from knowing about this because they’ll use it as leverage. There’s a big suction pulling at us, lots of manipulation trying to absorb and control us like a personal convenience. This could hinder our ministry.

So pray with us that we can in due time obtain a replacement for our car.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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