Nightmares and Dreams

The bankers dream of a world where most everyone is dehumanized. They envision a world mostly impoverished and willing to serve in activities that allow the bankers to maintain their control. They know that for every trooper in the field, it takes not less than five in the rear making war possible. But they would prefer that governments not actually run the show; they dream of a world where there are just a handful of massive corporations providing everything — very few small businesses except for things they do best. They want governments to contract out everything, but they don’t want corporations replacing governments. Governments retain the fiction that allows the bankers to hold the populations accountable for all the debt that comes from war and everything governments have to do to keep making war.

Keep in mind that the bankers had their emissaries on both sides of the US Civil War. While they knew the South would eventually lose, they bound up the people under war loans simply to maintain control. We have some evidence they even provoked the war in the first place, stirring passions to make preposterous demands on each side. So obviously the bankers need to maintain control over the information and entertainment industries. Bankers are neither left nor right, neither globalist nor imperialist themselves. They sponsor the internal conflict right along with external conflicts because that’s what gets people spending and borrowing with a passion.

Their only real loyalties are themselves. They’ll provoke any conflict they can, pretending to support and befriend anyone and anything with a potential for disruption and destruction. The last thing they want is peace and prosperity, a rise in general welfare. They’ll tolerate that at various stages because it gets people invested in keeping something the bankers intend to take away later. It’s just part of the cycle of control. But their aim is profligate waste, destruction and death, so bitter resentment is a major tool. Their greatest nightmare is a significant population that is otherworldly and seeking shalom.

Any conflict will do. Any means of creating discontent and envy is part of their game. They’ve had a very long time to practice this stuff and have raised it to a fine art. They will infiltrate everything. Don’t be fooled by dystopian movies and stories that see everyone under a single great power, and everyone engaged in a single giant corporate operation. That’s what they want us to fear; they wouldn’t actually let something like that happen. They knew long ago that no mass population could be reduced to one simple thing. Control requires realism; they want people distracted by a thousand different interests, anything that keeps them from actually gaining a true sense of calling from God, a true sense of self and contentment. Let them ever be driven by a sense that something needs to be fixed, just one more item on a personal slate of agendas, never satisfied.

We of Radix Fidem seek the set people free from all that frenetic chasing after one more solution to the world’s problems. Cease striving and know that He is God. War only against your own sin nature. Frivolous pursuits of the heart are fine; there’s no need to worry too much about efficiency and “not wasting time.” What matters more is how you go about things, with a confidence in God’s provision and sense of calling. Take what comes and walk in the Lord’s footprints. There’s nothing to accomplish except growing in grace, regardless what our hands find to do.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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3 Responses to Nightmares and Dreams

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    Not to chase the red herring, but what does “five in the rear” mean in this context?


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Five troops involved in various forms of combat support for each one up on the front lines — food, ammunition, transportation, maintenance, communications, etc.

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