Photography: Draper Point 10

Point 10 is the other half of the previous adventure. Each of these long points of land has a ridge, and this one had a real high point with quite a view from the trail. I took the ridgeline trail out to the point, then came around the shore trail on the east side back to the main road.

Once I made my way down to the point, I stood out on the very tip and caught this image of the water washing upon the foot of the rocks. I couldn’t capture the multiple high rocky spots just beneath the surface, but you would need to cautious boating up to this point.

This was the view up the eastern side from the point. The shore has numerous insets. Sadly, at some point in the past a bunch of concrete rubble was dumped here.

Farther up along the shore trail was another large inset. You can just imagine the sound of the water washing up on the shore all along here. The wind was southerly, driving the water pretty hard. The red sandstone shelves are readily visible in the water.

On the eastern side of the point is a very deep cove where Point 11 is hidden. Thus, the view just across to the next nearest point is 12. We’ll be getting a closer view of that one this next week, if all goes well for me and the weather here.

This is another shot along the same shoreline using my phone. It’s not too bad. The shore trail was ridable about half the time, between pulverized sandy spots from equestrian traffic, and then lots of dead fall. I removed some of the smaller stuff, but there were huge trees downed by beaver along the way. It was a whale of a workout.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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