Covenant Changes Everything

There are endless debates about what is in the best interest of the people, the country, what is just, etc. Let’s get one thing straight: Unless a divine covenant is involved, none of it matters. It’s all lies without a covenant. As long as this country is not a covenant nation, nothing we think, say or do is good or right. Nothing.

For example, don’t talk to me about the moral justice of letting poor oppressed immigrants come to this country so they can find a better life. Nor should you talk to me about defending the borders from invaders who are determined to destroy the materialistic culture that makes our prosperity so inviting. Neither position holds water without that covenant. The one and only thing we can talk about is promoting the applicable Law Covenant for the US — Noah’s Law in this case. Every other conversation is pointless.

Because we know already that no one in America is willing to hear that message, the only thing left to discuss is how America is doomed under God’s wrath. Here we do have some profit in discussing the various mechanisms and problems that will naturally contribute to the destruction of the American way of of life. There’s nothing frivolous about observing how it will all come to an end; that’s how we can be alerted to opportunities to infiltrate on behalf of that covenant law and shine the light of God’s glory and truth.

Don’t talk to me about patriotism and justice on any other terms. The one and only thing in anyone’s best interest is Biblical Law. We recognize Noah’s Covenant as a particular expression of Biblical Law. Noah is the practical application of Biblical Law that God granted to nations and countries until the End of Time. Only Israel has a unique covenant different from other nations, and you can plainly see she’s not interested in her covenant, either. Still, that such law covenants seem impractical serves only to point out just how far away from truth the world has drifted. By and large the human race refuses to bow the knee to Our Creator.

Of course, this means churches are no better. There may well be individual congregations in this world doing it right, or doing it well enough to provide a safe harbor for your earthly existence. For myself, I’ve yet to find one that will tolerate the doctrine of covenants, which means they don’t tolerate me. You can be sure I’ve tried every way I know, but right now there’s no place to rest my weary soul. I’m not hostile; they are. I’m quite willing to work with any group that will let me stay and operate by the faith and conviction that burns in my heart.

So this blog was started with the purpose of fulfilling my duty to that divine fire. A few of you have expressed a desire to join me “outside the camp,” here at the foot of the Cross. We have established a fresh covenant as the basis for our shared faith, a basis for cooperation. On the grounds of our Radix Fidem covenant, we will reclaim the vast bounty of shalom our God has poured out upon this earth.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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