The Parable of Reality as a Person

Under the covenant of Radix Fidem, we hold the doctrine that Creation is alive, sentient and willful. Creation is generally the same thing as “reality” in the sense that Creation acts to defend its prerogatives. Creation is not all-powerful; that’s reserved by God for Himself. However, Creation is more powerful than any of us because we are a part of Creation. The whole of Creation is greater than the sum of its part, particularly in regard to fallen humans, because Creation itself is not fallen.

I note in passing that our mission as God’s managers is not over all Creation, but over a limited portion. We were keepers of the Garden of God, park rangers, as it were. The natural world here on earth is pretty much the limit, so far as we can know. That’s more than we can handle, and we aren’t even scratching the surface on the blessings that come with doing it God’s way. We surrendered our privileges to Satan; he can’t use them himself so much as he simply keep us away from them.

So Creation is able to kick our butts, though it may be not be readily apparent to fallen humans who don’t exercise the heart-led awareness. It bears its own enforcement powers as an agent of God’s moral character. Only the heart can understand morality; the mind has no capacity for it. Indeed, the mind has a tendency to seek a return to the privileges of authority, but without the moral standing of submission to God. Creation submits to God instinctively; we are damaged in seeking to rebel. By trusting our intellects, we have no hope of understanding reality.

Madness is often defined as disconnected from reality. That falls short; madness is a rejection of reality. It’s a hostile arrogance that pushes reality aside. Our fallen nature is inherently insane. So this bears out the idea that there is no such thing as “mental illness.” It’s not disease; it a moral problem. Most of humanity remains willfully under the Curse of the Fall, though not in full awareness of the implications. That’s the vicious circle of the Fall — you cannot break out of the Curse because you cannot be fully aware of what holds you there.

The escape is a sort of self-death, a willing sacrifice of the intellect as the god of the soul. You’ll need help doing that, but the help is outside the grasp of the intellect. It’s a miracle no one can explain. But when that help comes, you’ll know in the sense that something is awakened that was previously dead, a capacity to operate on the basis of something above the intellect. Without that, there is no hope for humanity.

So the business of school shootings is just a matter of pushing out to the obvious implications of the common madness of fallen humanity. Under the Curse of the Fall, we are all just a few steps away from slaughtering each other. What restrains us is a paper-thin delusion that we can control ourselves. The human intellect is not capable of controlling the self; it lacks the power. Only delusion prevents an outbreak of chaos. And when conditions arise that challenge the delusion, the whole society starts going nuts. As the delusion of control breaks down, we all tend to be pulled into the very logical conclusion that slaughter is necessary. It doesn’t matter what you call it — nihilism, despair, etc. — it’s built into the human psyche under the Curse of the Fall.

Once you have found the remedy, redemption in the hands of a merciful God, and you bow your intellect’s knee to divine revelation, it all makes perfect sense. When you activate the primacy of the heart-mind as the root of your awareness, and cease trusting in the intellect, you can reconnect to your true self and Creation. It’s all one thing. You can acquaint yourself to the person of Creation and become friends and allies as God intended. This is behind our term “Biblical Law.”

That kind of doctrine makes perfect sense if you are heart-led. If it sounds like silly nonsense, then you are still trusting your intellect to call the shots. And you really haven’t a damned thing to stand on as the ground for making decisions, because you remain wholly disconnected from what God intended for us.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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