The Hedgerow of Lies 4

It’s not necessary to dig any deeper into the debate about Judaism and Jews.

God has said repeatedly to His Chosen that He longs for them to return home to His revelation. We would love it if Jews would return to their ancient Hebrew roots and live the Covenant as Jesus their Messiah taught it.

But their animosity toward the genuine Hebrew mystical approach Jesus taught is long forgotten by Jews because it’s long forgotten by Christians. I doubt there are any sage Kabbalistic elders keeping an eye out for what we teach here. Instead, it’s a broad general instinct to take it as an insult when anyone doesn’t swallow their claim to still be God’s Chosen people. This claim stands despite having long forgotten what the Covenant of Moses requires of them, the covenant upon which they stake the claim of their identity.

As noted in The Cult, our problem today is not Jewish religion. Our problem is the single biggest element of Jewish politics: Zionism. Yes, we know that those who scream about antisemitism have agreed to protect Zionism. Still, there are way too many Jews (both religious Jews and merely ethnic Jews) who could care less what I think or teach, but Zionists have shown themselves to be a real threat. In particular, our biggest problem will be Zionist Christians.

Throughout history it was always the proto-Zionists and their false Messianic Expectations. This is what Jesus faced and fought in His own disciples. The Messiah came to die for sins, not to grant the Pharisees their dream of conquering the world and enslaving Gentiles. He had no intention of making the world a better place, but of teaching people how to escape it. He warned very early that following Him meant facing the hatred of the religious and political establishment. Today we who follow Him out of this world still face hostility from the same source, the religious and political establishment.

Today’s Pharisees are Zionist Christians. They have taken up the mantle of legalism in reading the Bible. They are today’s Judaizers hounding any Christians who are insufficiently enthusiastic in supporting modern Israel. They insist there must be a literal apocalypse so that Christ can return, and the key to bringing that about is having the whole world gang up on Israel. Thus, they encourage everything Israel does to provoke the rest of the world. In their eyes, the most insufferable whining and spiteful abuse Israel can dish out is not just good, but utterly necessary. It didn’t matter to the Pharisees of Jesus’ day that they had long completely departed from Moses, and it doesn’t matter to Christian Zionists today. They believe God is over a barrel on this because He left a prophetic word that could be twisted this way.

Our position is that we don’t take Israel seriously in her claims. If she doesn’t adhere to the Law of Moses as taught by Jesus, then it’s just another example of utterly fallen human politics. Her claims to biblical promises are merely noise. Worse, it is patently transparent that Zionists are playing their Christian friends, and the Zionist Christians return the favor, both in the most cynical way possible. Meanwhile, Satan smirks at how both sides have managed to grab the whole world’s attention and bring about the most inexcusable human suffering. Everybody is forced to deal with the “Jewish Question;” Zionists won’t allow anyone to escape it.

Nobody’s attacking Israel; most of us could care less what she does, but Israel is attacking the whole world using false shame, constantly demanding tribute for the privilege of sharing the same planet with her. See it for what it is, folks: the biggest lying distraction Satan could have ever cooked up to keep folks from pursuing genuine biblical shalom.

Unlike the populist conspiracy theorists, we see no need to act, no need to defend ourselves against this madness. Sometime in the near future, this corrupt racket will reach a fever pitch as the resources will be exhausted and the extravagant waste will run out. Just when the Zionists think they have their final victory in sight, it will disappear. Israel is going to do something utterly insufferable, something that shocks the conscience of the whole world and be justly destroyed for it. This will be the New Holocaust to justify another century of whining and manipulation.

Meanwhile, this mess will provoke an exodus from Zionist churches here in the US. It will be a crisis that could destroy American Zionist Christianity, in the sense that there will simply be no money and people. They’ll have to abandon their massive facilities and the vast money empires will evaporate.

This is what I see coming. The only reason it’s important to share this is so you’ll see this train wreck coming and step aside. Let the Zionists take their headlong rush to destruction. Don’t engage them if you can avoid it. If they try to shove it in your face, ask them what happened to the Covenant of Moses:

Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.” (Matthew 22:37-40)

That sounds nothing like the Talmud, yet it applies to any entity claiming the name of “Israel” today, as it sums up the Covenant upon which her identity stands. What happened to the mission to reveal God’s mercy and love for His Creation? What happened to the mission to show the light of revelation to the world? Where is the reverence for a holy God? Have you seen the moral filth that characterizes modern secular Israel? Jesus didn’t call us to war, but to go into all the world and share the gospel.

And we lovingly share it with Chrisitians and Jews along with everyone else.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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7 Responses to The Hedgerow of Lies 4

  1. forrealone says:

    I remember a conversation I had with the mother-in-law of a niece of mine just after the election.  She was so excited over the outcome since “Trump was chosen by God”.  And then she started in about the “signs of the times” and how Israel is where our hopes are and on and on.  She was quite intense and actually grew almost angry with me when i responded with what she interpreted as disagreement.  I tried to sway the conversation to Father and how grateful I am for His many blessings to which she replied that we need to stay focused on what is going on in the world and pray for Israel.  She wanted me to join her at her church and hear what her preacher has to say so i could “learn the truth”.  Fortunately I had to get going.  It was a very strange encounter.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    The intense necessity of forcing others to change to their viewpoint is probably the most disturbing thing about Zionist Christians. What happened to faith in God?


  3. Jay DiNitto says:

    She’s not necessarily wrong, but when Christians say “chosen by God,” they mean a specific kind of choosing, i.e., chosen to dispense blessings. Or, that the chosen ones are some kind of supernatural specimen of holiness. They don’t consider that God chooses leaders to, for instance, pass judgment. They may be horrible people, but they have their purpose.


  4. Iain says:

    This is why I call them Zionistas…. Wait a minute, does that make us Contras?


  5. Ed Hurst says:

    Hah! Iain, “Contra” is a Spanish abbreviated label for “counter-revolutionaries.” We are just believers; Zionists are extremists. Adding a final “a” to make them sound like Central American “revolutionary” thugs is probably closer to the truth than they would admit.


  6. Iain says:

    I’m old enough to remember when little Danny Ortega & the Sandinistas took over El Salvador so yeah, that was my “inspiration”. The biggest difference between them being the Z’s are more zealous and obnoxious. I was in SoCal in ’87 when Ollie North bravely stormed San Juan Capital Hill. I remember watching it in an Oceanside dive aptly named The Pour House. I could write a book on my year in California and people would believe it was fiction. Shoot, I’d think it was fiction!


  7. Jay DiNitto says:

    I remember hearing about Contras on the news, but it’s only a whisper in my memory. I was too concerned with getting homework done and playing video games to notice (like every other American boy back then).


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