It’s Not What People Expect

This is a prophetic message, but it’s not a prophecy as the word is commonly used. It’s addressed only to those who feel led of the Spirit to pay attention. And if I don’t share it, I will be disobedient and it will drive me nuts.

I suppose a significant portion of folks realize that America is headed for a civil war of some sort. Maybe not quite as bloody as the last one we had, but it will be even more chaotic and confused. Most of us can see two sides, but it would be a mistake to assume that’s the whole story. Change is inevitable, but a country with this many people will inevitably disagree over what can and should be changed. We should hardly be surprised that people will organize for their preferred collection of changes. And it is also inevitable that each organized pressure group will allege moral evil in their opponents, whether or not the opponents are at all organized as they suppose. But there are way more than just two sides in this mess, so try to avoid simplistic thinking.

Prophetically speaking, I will tell you that nobody represents a good answer to the question of what needs changing. Nobody wants what God wants from this, though everyone seems quite pleased to advise Him and speak for Him. I don’t claim to speak for Him in that sense; I’m sharing only what I see and it’s painfully obvious to me this is not for everyone. I fully expect very few people will feel drawn to my message. I believe I’ve made it clear I don’t want to be in charge of America’s decisions, in large part because I know it would require bloodshed no matter which way things turn out. God has told me to watch and compare with His Word, not get lost in visions of what could be. People will have to die and property will be destroyed, and the system will break down.

There is, however, a least painful path possible from the broad inevitable mess. That should be obvious in terms of what we know from Scripture. I’m not taking sides; it’s all evil and destructive. What we have now must be destroyed, so fighting to prevent that is the worst evil. Let’s get this over with. It should be obvious that the US will break up into smaller countries based on cultural boundaries. What’s left is getting folks to either congregate willingly according to their cultural tastes, learn how to live as an oppressed minority where they are, or get themselves killed fighting for what cannot be.

But just to cover all the bases: The only way we could have kept this country together as the USA would have been a massive slaughter of the revolutionary minority. Not just pushing them back down into truculent silence, but it would be necessary to kill a significant portion of them. And it would have to be a very demonstrative public slaughter to make sure the survivors shut up. And the whole world would have condemned us, but the world is usually wrong about most things (in terms of those who get to be heard). Still, this would work in that it would be a purposeful and targeted slaughter, instead of the random chaotic mess we will actually have. (Edit: It’s not a question of such intentional slaughter being morally right or a good idea; it’s simply noting how far the conflict has gone. The lefties are perfectly willing to slaughter the right, but would hire professionals to do it for them.)

No, we are going to stumble into the chaos because nobody is willing to go that purposeful route. That is, by the time those capable of doing it realize it’s necessary, it will be too late. Make no mistake: What is generally considered the “left” is going to lose. Lefties are deluded about what is actually possible. Changing the laws will not compel folks accept their vision of paradise; it just guarantees that the system will break down when folks refuse to abide by their preferred laws. But the “left” is a hundred different things working together only when convenient, just like the “right.” There are break points where such pragmatism fractures, and we are going to see that. Still, in the long term, those who tend to congregate on the right will come out ahead. In any given society, the people who make things work with any degree of efficiency are inevitably possessed of a right-wing temperament, never mind what kind of political agenda associates with the right in any given context.

The reason for sharing this message is not to laud the right-wing, but to point out where things are headed. Adjust your expectations. Pray that God grants you a vision of how you can glorify Him in the midst of this very messy future. Meanwhile, let me make it clear that all of this is symptomatic of Western Civilization. Further, it should be clear that Satan is responsible for what the West is, and that God intends to destroy it. And all this business of left versus right is a feature of Western Civilization in particular; it’s not built into the human race, and it’s certainly no reflection of reality as God made it. Unfortunately, it’s likely to be the world we have to live with, because it won’t disappear until long after we are gone.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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