Organized Christian Religion Is Broken

We who share in the Radix Fidem covenant say that churches have gotten lost.

Instead of trying to fix this world, we believe the most important thing we do is help people to get out of it. The proper way to do this is to live as if we belong to another realm of existence. It restores the world in some measure to its original design prior to the Fall, a sort of return to Eden. The entrance to Eden is guarded by a Flaming Sword of self-death, a judgment against our fallen nature that we must embrace voluntarily. The focal point of that sword, the method if you will, is building a feudal-family relationship with our Creator. A critical element in building that relationship is acting in ways to elevate His reputation, not just as men tend to see such things, but building His reputation in the way He wants it done.

A primary element in shining His glory into this fallen world is to live in such a way as to harvest His blessings, His shalom. If we were to boil down following Christ to its essence, it would be lovingly seeking the Father’s favor by consciously participating in His design. That’s often translated into English is “obeying His Laws.” That’s a very unfortunate translation that carries many false connotations. Our Covenant in Christ is one of adoption as family in His household. We willingly engage His agenda for demonstrating how He meant for us to live in the first place. That’s the life of moral consciousness through the convictions of the heart ruling over the brain.

Sometime shortly after the passing of John, the last living of the Twelve Disciples of Jesus, the church leadership began to drift away from the ancient Hebrew mystical vision I painted above, and relied more and more on intellect and logic. At some point, the leadership was right for plunder. That is, Constantine was able to seduce the Christian leaders into willing bondage under government. Not just due respect for human authority as ordained and steered by God, but these leaders allowed themselves to be suckered into bringing the whole of religion under government management. These leaders believed they were being permitted to have a say in government, to steer government policy to favor Christian living, but it was a lie of the Devil.

Yet here we are today hearing the gospel highly diluted with the alleged dire necessity of helping shape government policy so that sinners are restrained. That was never the mission of Christians. By embracing the Flaming Sword, we have to come to realization that such a mission is utterly impossible in the first place. This world is fallen; it cannot be made unfallen. It is slated for destruction, not redemption. The only thing that can be redeemed is the individual soul. And the only way redemption can be amplified in fellowship and communion with others is to bring to life something this world cannot ever accept: subjection to God as feudal Lord and Father. The fallen world of man cannot even desire such a thing. The can be no such thing as a Christian human government.

So the primary flaw in current mainstream Christian religion, particularly in the US, is having traded the true mission of faith for a distraction that disembowels faith. Yes, we do understand the Law Covenants as manifestations of Biblical Law, but the latter is merely a name we apply to walking in Christ’s footsteps. Jesus is the living Biblical Law, the personification of the Father’s will. Sure, we could help advise human governments on ways to draw closer to the applicable Law Covenant, but we already know from prophetic warnings that they do not and cannot want such a thing. That was a part of what John tried to tell us in his Apocalypse: This world is inherently hostile to the Flaming Sword.

God guides His children as a doting but firm-handed Father. He herds the rest of fallen humanity like cattle, employing Satan as His cattle driver. We are strictly warned not to interfere in human government. In those rare moments, officials may listen to our prophetic word about Biblical Law, but don’t get suckered into thinking the Devil is simply going to let them go. He isn’t God’s enemy, but he’s our Adversary. He wants us in his herd so he can milk us for all we’re worth. Any hint of social and/or political agenda in the church is the work of Satan. Prophetic commentary is one thing; getting involved as if it could make a difference is another thing and wholly wrong. It is idolatry of human intellect, because God has said repeatedly that He’s not going to tell us all that He’s got up His sleeve for human government.

We should expect the broad system of American evangelical Christian religion to collapse because everything that system depends on is going to fall apart. The painted whore has ridden the Beast too long, and it will turn and devour her. A significant part of my calling from God is to watch and chronicle this sad story. It is a prophetic mission that will drive me until I’m in the grave; it’s the job I have to complete before I get to go Home — or at least try.

This is the foundation of this blog; it’s the primary source the drove me to start writing here. Everything else is a by-product of that mission. I still marvel at how many of you have come alongside to join in this work. We have no quarrel with anyone’s Christian religion, but we refuse to give our blessing to something that falls short of what religion is supposed to do: serve as a manifestation of conviction and faith. We belong to a higher realm, the Kingdom of Heaven. We are living invitations for anyone who can be touched by our demonstration of faith and our shalom to join us in seeking membership in the divine family.

This is Radix Fidem, the “root of faith.”

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Organized Christian Religion Is Broken

  1. Old Jules says:

    It’s not obvious institutional Christianity has ever been anything but broken. But maybe I haven’t looked under the right rocks.

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