The Agent of Strife

A critical element in escaping lies is not just exposing what is false, but digging down into the root system and finding out where the lies came from.

You are no doubt aware that certain political groups wield the weapon of labeling folks “antisemite” to silence certain discussions. A recent example is when folks complain of the globalist agenda, the discussion itself is considered “antisemitism.” Thus, reasoned resistance to globalism is now a moral sin. There comes a point when you just have to ignore such shrieking and get on with the business of saying what you think.

I rather like Fred Reed’s take on why folks are so hard on Jews.

Jews with remarkable consistency have been described for centuries as smart, greedy, combative, clannish, “pushy,” exploitative, and arrogant. This is how I hear them described in Mexico, where I live. (I think of these as Middle Eastern traits, but never mind.) Then there is chutzpah. which in practice seems to mean “brashly walking over other people.” It can leave others feeling bulldozed, defeated, used. This bruising of the ego, of self-respect, arouses a hostility all out of proportion to actual damage done. It is, or so I think, a major cause of dislike for Jews. Such descriptions are dismissed today as stereotypes. A stereotype is just the aggregate observation of many people over time.

I recommend reading the whole article. Fred takes the time to write plainly about what should be obvious, but in the mainstream press, it’s a forbidden topic. It’s not that I endorse everything Fred has to say about it, but I do endorse thinking about it and talking openly about it. It turns out “antisemitism” is just a label for anything certain whiny Jews don’t want to hear about. We aren’t supposed to notice they aren’t like us until they tell us to notice. They demand total control of the conversation, the aforementioned chutzpah.

That it seems they are determined to rule the world should surprise no one, since every known ethnic group has manifested such a desire. Let’s keep this in a realistic context. For my part, I’ll remind you that The Cult [PDF] uses Jewish people as its primary front to stir up implacable strife.

It’s working.

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Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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3 Responses to The Agent of Strife

  1. Iain says:

    Today’s Quote of the Day.
    “To have antisemitism, one must first have Semitism'”

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  2. Old Jules says:

    There’s grotesque irony in the fact the secular state of Israel is indulging consistently in the precise set of behaviors Jews have been condemned for at least for a thousand years. An ethnic group, or cult hammering itself carefully into a stereotype to confirm the validity of every slur Jew haters and baiters used to justify pogroms and massacres almost everywhere boggles the mind of the unbiased observer.

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  3. Jay DiNitto says:

    It’s bad for a certain class of people to notice a pattern with other classes of people, and possibly make even fairly innocuous remarks on that pattern recognition.

    It’s not wrong for other classes of people to do the same, however.

    This certain configuration of expectations is a damned powder keg, albeit with a very long fuse. I think the spark is well along the wire, though.

    “That it seems they are determined to rule the world should surprise no one, since every known ethnic group has manifested such a desire.”

    The desire for domination is one of the only equal opportunity afflictions I acknowledge.

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