The Risen Christ is Our Truth

There is nothing to gain by activism. It’s not that activism doesn’t accomplish anything; what it accomplishes isn’t worth it.

A recurring theme on this blog is how Satan deceived the Jewish nation. The record begins in the Old Testament and runs through today. It’s not about Jewish people today, but Zionism. Have you noticed that Zionist propaganda has eclipsed the whole issue of Judaism? Zionism seeks to redefine what it means to be “a Jew.” Instead of a long established religion, it’s a political agenda. It’s the ultimate end of the idolatry of Mammon (AKA materialism), the true god of Zionism.

Granted, Zionism does cite the Old Testament regarding their claim on the land of Palestine. They are responsible for the phrase “the Holy Land.” It’s supposed to be their grant from the God of the Bible in perpetuity. All their talk of eternity is within this world, with dreams of ruling the entire human race from their ancient home. But they have long ago ceased worshiping the God of the Bible. Judaism was a way-point on the path to serving Mammon.

I’ve said it often enough before: If the Jewish people actually repented and returned to their ancient Covenant of Moses, we would be first in line to support them. It would mean, of course, restoring the ancient Hebrew mysticism and completely dropping the legalism. It means tossing the Talmud in the trash and restoring the actual teachings of Moses. We hold no hostility to the Jewish people by any means. But we cannot support them as long as they cling to the Talmud, never mind Zionism. If they came even close to Moses without the mythology, we would be their best friends.

They won’t.

So we teach the truth of what happened to the Jewish people and leave it lying where it is. We focus our resistance on Zionism. Not in the sense of activism, but simply calling it what it is. Zionists intend to create a heaven-on-earth scenario, the ultimate lie of the Devil going all the way back to the Fall in the Garden. Never forget: The earth is Eden; it was never meant to be Paradise (by any definition). God created Eden as a garden; it was never His palace courts. What was spoiled is our own place, not His. Restoring Eden means removing the effects of the Fall, the curse of blindness that keeps us from clearly perceiving ultimate reality as God made it. Zionism seeks to confirm the Curse and keep us blind.

So the modern State of Israel is just a big lie. The biggest lie is that somehow God failed to keep His promises about the Promised Land. You can look it up; several places in the Old Testament it flatly states the God kept His end of the Covenant and granted Israel all He had promised. It also states outright that they never managed to claim that promise, so some parts of the Promised Land remained outside their authority until much later under David. The King won all the Promised Land and more. Indeed, His heir pushed the boundaries even farther. Solomon reigned over far more than the Promised Land. They most certainly did hold the entire promise of the Covenant, and traded it away for a taste of Mammon.

But even when things were holy and shalom was in abundance, it was only ever meant to be a manifestation of the true promise of the Covenant: a pure heart before the Lord. So when Jesus came along to declare Himself their Messiah, it was all about that pure heart, not some piece of turf in this accursed world. It was about restoring Eden in moral purity, the same thing the Law of Moses was all about in the first place. The Messiah died on the Cross and rose again — HALLELUJAH — and the Covenant is fulfilled in Him. In the final ultimate sense, He is now the embodiment of that covenant. It’s a continuum. There is no unfinished business prior to the Return of Christ.

It’s not Israel we oppose, then, but the lie of Zionism. We could care less who lives and rules on that patch of earth. Our whole point is that it doesn’t matter. Modern Israel has no claim whatsoever on any follower of Christ, nor anyone else, for that matter. As long as people waste resources, time and energy chasing Zionism, they can’t be doing anything good. And it’s critical that folks understand that Dispensationalism was concocted by Zionists to enslave Christians to the lie of Zionism. I can trace that out for you, but the whole notion of “End Times” was cooked up by Zionist agents seeking to deceive Christians. At every step of the way, Zionists have guided and funded the whole theology of Dispensationalism.

In this respect then, our mission is to simply point out the truth that Dispensationalism and Zionism is a damned lie. Chase it all you want, but you’ll never get to the end point. There will never be a Paradise until the Curse is lifted. That means erasing everything we know as a human race on this earth and restoring what we have long abandoned in the Fall. It means going back through the Flaming Sword of revelation; it means embracing and obeying Biblical Law as the frame of reference for doing good and moral things while under the Curse of the Fall. It means a focus on end of this massive moral blindness that holds mankind tightly in its grasp until all things are finished and Eden is restored to Earth.

Eden is not a physical fact; it’s a matter of moral perception. No other part of Creation is fallen except humans. The natural world is still Eden, but we can’t see it. So we chase all kinds of lies in seeking a paradise that we cannot comprehend. But one thing is for sure: Zionism is not the path to Paradise. Christ is.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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