Bits and Pieces 31

1. Yesterday’s post was not meant to be cryptic. I’ll select one example to explain. You have news that Trump wants to pull out of Syria ASAP. You also might see reports from the various generals and civilian warmongers that we simply cannot pull out Syria. A good analysis of the situation is offered by Pat Buchanan.

If that’s as far as you get with the story, then you understand even less than Buchanan, who is a hard core partisan schmuck. Intelligent, but still not someone we want to give too much attention; he belongs to the system we are watching collapse. The point here is that America is headed for war, one way or another, and likely engaged militarily in several different places at once. Think about how a military defeat, especially one that cannot be downplayed in the Networked Age, will affect the social fabric of the US. Think about the economic repercussions of a major military loss on top of all the other things going wrong with our economy.

And yet, I insist this is not an apocalypse. It’s tribulation, just God’s plan for destroying the system of empire the US has become. This is how empire dies. This is how God plans to grant us opportunities to spread His truth.

2. Maybe you’ve heard about the teacher walk-out going on here in Oklahoma. You might even be aware that an offer has been made, and that it includes raises for support staff, such as my wife. What you may not know is that this walk-out affects each school district differently, because they all have their own policy about such things.

My wife works for Mid-Del. If the walk-out continues past today, it will take food off our table. The teachers couldn’t be bothered to care about that. They claim to have demanded the support staff be included in the raise, but a lot of that staff can’t afford to take a hit on such low income in the first place. The teachers are getting all kinds of free offers from the wider community and businesses, but the staff isn’t included in this. We stand to lose a lot of lunch ladies who will have to get another job or face homelessness. Pray for us, that common sense prevails and the teachers face reality that their demands are too radical and too steep. A raise is nice, but only if you have a job.

3. The recent showing on network television of Jesus Christ, Superstar brought back memories. I bought the album as a teenager in Alaska; two LP platters at around $9 in those days. It was all the rage among my peers at school back then. Today I’ll tell you the music is excellent and a couple of times the authors come quite close to truth that the mainstream churches try to ignore. Yet, it’s painfully obvious Webber and Rice do not get the gospel message at all.

Oddly enough, it triggered a related memory of something called Godspell. This was a secularized feel-good production with no real interest in religious truth, only some sentiment. One of the songs from this thing made it onto the radio playlists, “Day by Day.” The lyrics were taken from a hymn written in the 13th Century, and the tune is memorable as sample of excellent song writing from the early 1970s. I personally prefer the original screenplay version, but some folks like the recording by the 5th Dimension.

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Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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