Keep Your Escape Pod Handy

Here’s the foundation: God’s revealed will for the human race under the Curse of the Fall. His Law Covenants speak to us of how reality was designed and how to get the most from a bad situation. We can mitigate the Curse of the Fall, but we can’t escape it until death. We continue in this life by having an attitude of winning our release into death by each of us completing our unique mission calling to glorify God.

We teach that there is a significant departure between what God says will work versus what we can figure out for ourselves without His revelation. Further, we teach that you cannot even discern that departure, the deep level of deception, without taking the heart-led path. If you do not shift the core of your conscious awareness into your heart, there is no way you can obey God’s revealed will, because you cannot understand it.

Is anyone surprised the US is in such a big mess? People give lip service to obeying the will of God, but the system under which we Americans live is hostile to the heart-led way. So we have any number of “experts” asserting that this or that agenda is “God’s will” or something equivalent, when any heart-led person can see it’s not even close. So we find in His Word several references to how He herds the nations that ignore His will and uses them without their full awareness. There are people utterly convinced they are doing His work in our government, and they don’t have a clue what He wants.

The heart-led path leaves you understanding that the US cannot do anything right, except wholly by accident. We can approve of some choices as better than the alternatives, but there is nothing morally right about the wider agenda choices. All of them are founded on something other than revelation. You cannot stand along the sidelines and cheer for this or that agenda or candidate, but you can go along with it because the real work of God is somewhere else. Since the US will not bow the knee to God sufficient to obey His will, we have to take an alternative path of infiltrating and seizing opportunities for His glory. They will be small glories because this not a covenant nation in a position to gain big glories.

In prophetic terms, Trump is God’s agent of destruction. Think that through: Destruction has been decreed. Trump is not a good guy, just the clay vessel carrying the fire to consume this nation. Work along with the broader plan of God; don’t get wrapped up in Trump’s ideas and plans. The Devil has been granted a harvest in the US, so Trump is working for the Devil. But those who oppose him can’t even claim that much. They aren’t working for the Devil so much as just pawns in his game. They are slated for even worse destruction and torment. They are going down first.

So there are no virtues in anyone’s agenda. Antifa? Red commie terrorists with another label. Progressives? Whiners who stir up the people to disguise their own corruption. Conservatives? Not whiners, but still taking advantage of the common deception to pad their own pockets. Their primary deception is claiming to offer what people instinctively know is better for human life. One more time folks: God’s will for the human race includes nationalism, not empire or global government. We are supposed to be hundreds, if not thousands, of little nations. That’s a primary lesson of the Tower of Babel. However, not everything associated with nationalism is right, so that’s perverted, too.

What’s left for us is watching this gigantic process of destruction and realizing the whats and whys because we can see the nature of the failures in terms of God’s Law. For example: Why does socialism/communism always fail? Because it assumes materialism as truth, not as a perversion and human failing. In communism, material progress is god, and humans are nothing more than collections of bio-chemical processes. Morality is a delusion for them, which is why they are so terribly immoral.

Globalism rests on socialism/communism. It’s enemy and closest associate is imperialism, because the imperialists serve Mammon under a different delusion, actually believing in higher values, whereas socialists know they are lying about that. But either way, they are false values based on non-biblical mythology. They might tell themselves the values are from the Bible, but it’s a value system read back into the Bible.

And neocons are just Zionists, and Trump’s handlers are various flavors of necon. The recent changes in Trump’s staff simply clarify that issue. The neocon/Zionist agenda is how the Devil is going to destroy the US. God has not granted us the leverage to stop this train wreck, so our mission is to get off the train as much as possible. Some things we will lose, but our discernment is ours to keep. Thus, we know what the result will be and need not panic. In general terms you can see what it is you cannot hope to keep, so you can learn to treat it as just a temporary tool. What really matters is how we glorify the Lord with our resources. They can’t take that away from us.

This brings us back to our fundamental otherworldly position. Don’t get wrapped up in typical human concerns. Show mercy and use your empathy. Mercy and empathy are ways to walk alongside someone in misery without getting entangled in that misery. It’s where you can stand to pull them out when they are ready to be rescued. You can’t really help them until they are ready to take the path of the Kingdom and get off the path of worldly destruction. The path of the Kingdom assumes this world is slated for destruction.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Keep Your Escape Pod Handy

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    I used to talk politics on the blog, but long ago, even before Radix Fidem, I decided not to talk politics offline unless directly asked. Then there’s no excuse if they hear an answer they don’t like. šŸ™‚ There’s a few who ask directly, but most of the time I listen to the jabber.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    At one time it was my biggest hobby. Once I learned Social Sciences, and rediscovered Biblical Law, it’s became a matter of pastoral guidance on what to expect. Like you, I tend to avoid saying too much most of the time in conversation, but I’m quite ready to speak my mind if they dare to ask.


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