He Doesn’t Get Tired of Us

There’s no way I can compel you to do it. If it doesn’t call your name and make you feel hungry and thirsty for all you can get, there’s nothing any one else can do to make it real for you. What I may be able to do is use my feeble words to call attention to something that lies dormant in your soul.

But this is a time when the most important thing you can do is find yourself at least one place where you can commune with Creation and the Creator to fill up that moral strength and resolve we will all need to face the tribulation. You need a prayer and worship place, a natural altar of self-sacrifice to pour out your soul before the Lord and seek His power.

Tribulation is already here and it’s settling in for a long visit. Patience and careful planning characterize God’s wrath this time; it’s not a sudden response to some provocation. This has been a long time coming and it won’t pass over quickly. Unlike the Exodus, this is not primarily about setting a covenant nation free to serve, but about destroying all the things that have steadfastly frustrated the covenant. Those things will be removed. Whether anyone learns from it is another matter.

I can agree that we are up against a very massive mountain of lies. It’s lying on multiple levels. Can you count the number of knowing deliberate lies the US government has told just today? But that’s one kind of lie within a system of deception. The entire Western mythology is the real lie of concern here. God is crushing a civilization that has struggled mightily against His revelation. At the same time, and on a different level, He is crushing America for an endless list of sins against what little she does understand. She can’t even be faithful to an imaginary covenant.

So it’s really very tough for us to discern how we can spread this truth revealed to us. If this thing isn’t a bonfire in your soul, you don’t have it. This truth must spread abroad. We are reclaiming the lost heritage of faith, the shalom of God, and it’s joy is only increased in sharing. If you don’t have some fidgety urge to say something to people around you, then whatever you have isn’t shalom. A critical element in the ancient heritage of faith is growing a bigger community of faith. But we surely cannot use the methods worn thin and threadbare by people who have sought to propagate a cerebral religion.

No, our primary means is simply living that shalom and letting other people see it. There is no particular method; just walk in His blessings and let people decide they want it for themselves. As things get worse, they are going to get increasingly desperate and they will see the good works the Father has given you. They’ll come to you sooner or later.

Or the Father Himself will create those teachable moments when silence is not an option. But trust me: You’ll know when those moments come. You just focus on doing shalom and everything else will take care of itself. It has to own you in order to work.

Pray long and often; be in the habit of chatting with the Lord all throughout your day. It will help you remain conscious of serving Him. He’s looking forward to it.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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