Trust Your Heart Alone

You cannot simply turn your mind off. The heart-led way puts the heart back on its proper throne, making the intellect a mighty servant. Without your mind, you cannot organize and implement obedience to what the convictions of the heart demand.

But you cannot trust your mind. This is why we teach that you should make a conscious effort to move your awareness into your heart and watch over the mind. I’m sure there are no words for exactly what’s going on with that, but using such words a parable serves to indicate something upon which we can act. Your mind is not you; it’s just a part of the bigger whole. Do you understand that your intellect will die with your fleshly body, and that our new bodies in Eternity will have a different kind of mind altogether?

Invest you sense of self in your heart, because that is your eternal nature.

Do you understand that this is technically illegal in the US? You’d have to read a selection of court rulings, but all the way up to the Supreme Court, American judges have said you are responsible before the law of the land to act on your intellect and not trust in divine revelation for decisions regarding matters over which government says it has authority. No, really; those rulings say that. You are obliged before the law to live as a rational being.

So I’m actually promoting something illegal here. It’s the same thing Jesus did in His country. He spoke out against the laws of the land as established by human reason, and insisted that we must obey revelation from the heart of conviction. It was illegal for Him to teach that; it got Him killed. It got a lot of His followers killed later on.

Granted, US law currently lacks a system for coming after us, at least for now. Instead, the illegality of what we do comes out in court during prosecution. And here at Radix Fidem, we would never teach you to stand up in court and use your religion as a legal defense. We teach that it’s pointless, since the entire system of US government, starting from the day the Constitution was signed, flagrantly denies the truth of God’s Word, even as it pretends to cite Scripture. “In God we trust!” Not.

Indeed, if the US government trusted God, it would obey the Law of Noah. The US government doesn’t even want know about the Law of Noah. The US government trusts people who have been highly conditioned with lies to love and die for the system. I do love the people and I’m willing to die for my fellow Americans, but I’m not willing to die for government lies on those terms. And it’s not the same thing, but if I have to explain why, you’ll never understand. The government hasn’t been the people since that Constitution was signed; it’s two entirely separate people.

But that doesn’t justify hateful actions against government or its agents. It means we aren’t deceived about what’s going on around us. For the most part, we play along because Jesus never called anyone to fight the government. That’s part of what He told Pilate. Jesus pointed back to a long line of mystical tradition where we simply don’t get involved as if human government actually mattered; it doesn’t. We get involved as infiltrators who serve a far higher government on a different level of existence. We are here on loan from God; He decides under which human government we’ll serve His glory. It’s just background noise and we don’t take it seriously. We play along because that’s how do our mission work.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking there are other agencies and people you can trust. You can’t even trust yourself, so never get lost in false trust. Sometimes you’ll use what’s at hand because that’s what God wants. But if there is any person or agency big enough to do anything useful, you can be sure their motives are tainted.

For example, were you aware that Glenn Greenwald has never really published very much of the stuff Snowden passed to him? No, Greenwald was using it as leverage to elevate his own reputation. His boss at the time he began publishing under The Intercept was Pierre Omidyar, a former CIA spook. There is zero reason to imagine Omidyar is no longer working with the CIA, so you can bet he had some hand in preventing Greenwald dumping everything he had. Most of it never saw the light of day.

Instead, several other leakers jumped in and made sure stuff got out. At last count I noted there were four, maybe five, leakers beside Snowden, all apparently unknown. One or two are still active. And no, I wouldn’t trust Assange and Wikileaks, because they’ve been caught holding stuff back, as well. Assange is all about himself and his chosen path of glory.

And so on; you get the picture. Again, don’t trust humans and their agencies. Play along if it seems right under your convictions at the time, but know that they all suffer some personal interest. And while we are at it, the US government is currently one of the biggest and worst liars of all time. It’s rare then it bothers to tell the truth about anything. If some government official says the sky is blue, you need to go out and see for yourself. This is the mark of a dying beast.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Trust Your Heart Alone

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    It seems like government agencies and the like literally operate in another world than us normies. We have to live with the effects because of the democratic system and the fact that we unwillingly fund it (more or less).


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