The Age of the Heart

This is a burden on my heart. The heart-led way has returned with a vengeance. It was never really gone, but it was pushed into the background, marginalized due to prevailing myths about what the heart does and about the imaginary supremacy of the intellect. But at some point, some very high intellects rediscovered the truth through the backdoor of physiology and medicine. From there it blossomed, and then it merged with more ancient truths kept alive in marginal societies. And along with some very fortunate wise people, a few of us have stumbled across this glorious divine truth. We have been invited to come inside and join the heart-led family of Creation.

So here we are; among other things, this is the birth of a new age of the heart. It is its own kind of thing, so I wouldn’t look for any movements or viral notions sweeping the Internet. That’s not how it will spread. If it could spread that way, it wouldn’t be heart-led. Instead, it would be more of the same vapid stuff people are already doing. It would be more death.

This is Life, the truth of God resurrected in our souls. It’s life with a purpose you cannot grasp with any other human faculty. But it’s not that hard. The only way you can hope to get usefully involved is to treat this thing like a living person, someone who isn’t visible in the typical sense, but someone whose presence is surely sensed by some. It decides for itself whom it will befriend in any given context; others will wait for another time. But the key is folks like you and I walking around with our invisible friend and operating on that heart-led level of existence.

Only your heart can understand this prophecy; only your heart can recognize the truth of it. Your heart can sense the truth of this thing in a place outside of time and space. You can seize this thing and walk in the truth of it by faith alone. It’s here already. The Age of the Heart has begun afresh.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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