Standing in a Different Context 03

Zionism is another face of The Cult [PDF].

We can blame the Zionists for the confusion about what it means to be a Jew. There are apparently three meanings. (1) Religious Jews are under the Talmud, which is a pact with the Devil. It makes them his feudal property, his special possession in all the earth. (2) Ethnic Jews don’t actually exist; virtually everyone claiming Jewish ethnicity is actually Kazar. Attempts to establish the presence of Semitic DNA so far have been fake, proving nothing. (3) Zionism is a political movement that promotes the modern state of Israel, claims to represent all Jews, and includes a lot other non-Jewish folks who serve the political agenda.

Zionism is a murky thing, even for the folks who embrace it. There is no particular need to see it as a big, precise and monolithic plan by a bunch of cognizant zealots; it is a face of the Cult and is managed by Satan himself. It appears to be a plan having to do with making the Jews dominant over all Gentiles. There is a considerable wealth of documentation that says as much, quite openly.

However, the underlying conspiracy is not in the minds of men, but in the hands of Satan working in those minds. This is the broken shards of what’s left of the Covenant of Moses and all the promises that rest on it. Judaism has trashed the divine mission and still holds to the delusion of Messianic Expectations of world dominance. Not every member shares the same detailed vision, but the actions of Zionists together aim in that direction as a whole. Thus, it’s perfectly fair to allege Zionists in general hold certain motives that various individuals can deny.

This is the nasty trick behind denying that there is a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. The designated leaders at the helm of official Zionist organizations can deny the intent for just about everything Zionism ends up doing. They act is if we are blaming all Jews for being Zionist thugs, when we’ve been careful to avoid saying that. In particular, we as mystics have disavowed all political action in the first place. We don’t intend to stop the Zionists in their plots; we do intend to point out the plots just so folks can see clearly what’s at work. We want people to watch it happen and see the hand of Satan doing what God has authorized him to do.

That authorization includes using the clannish loyalty and truculent refusal of Jewish people to assimilate. There is zero justification for this in biblical terms. They had a direct line to God; they were enlightened and they had a taste of the powers of the Age to Come (Hebrews 6:4-6), and they put God to an open shame by rejecting His Son. The Bible says they have three basic options: adhere to the Covenant as Jesus taught it, assimilate into the Gentile nations, or work for the Devil. There will always be a significant number of Jews who take the third path. There will always be Jews who lend themselves to the most insufferable provocations of the rest of humanity.

In their own minds, they are simply claiming their divine heritage, so while their conscious plot is some form of taking over the world, it will never happen. Instead, Satan will use them to maximize human suffering for themselves as well as everyone else. Thus, we can honestly say that the true agenda of modern Israel is crapping on everyone else in the world. Whatever the Zionist government of Israel wants is guaranteed bad news for everyone alive on planet earth. That’s her mission in Satan’s domain.

Having rejected Christ, the Jewish nation promptly began working toward revolting against Rome. Within a generation this bore fruit in a revolt that saw Jews kicked out of Jerusalem and forbidden to return. Over the next century it kept getting worse and worse until Jews were expelled from most of their homeland. They have never ceased plotting a return.

Over the following centuries Judaism continued to drift in the same crazy direction. These activist Jews developed intrigue and manipulation into a high art, as if it were a noble gift from God. At one point a group of rabbis managed to seduce the entire kingdom of the Kazars, who were forcibly converted en masse by their king. These people were easily more obnoxious as Jews than their mentors. Eventually their kingdom was militarily defeated and they were politically assimilated, but the Kazars simply shifted to another means of competition. They maintained the clannish arrogance of the Diaspora Jews. On top of the conniving chutzpah of seeking to subdue the world by stealth, the Jewish Kazars added a spiteful vengeance that would never be satisfied by anything less than the most degrading enslavement of Gentile humanity.

And while the original ethnic Semitic Jews faded from history, today the Western world is heavily salted with Kazar Jews. There is almost no such thing as a Jew today who isn’t Kazar. Naturally, this is officially denied. Still, this has forever changed the character of what we know as Judaism and Jewish people. The lore of their hopes and dreams bears only a superficial resemblance to the Jews of Jesus’ day. The reason Jews have such a difficult existence in this world is because they are Kazar Jews, and the Kazar people have seldom had any friends for very long. They make themselves the enemy of everyone. These are the people who gave us today’s Zionism.

Zionism is thrice removed from biblical Hebrew religion.

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1 Response to Standing in a Different Context 03

  1. Iain says:

    IMHO, the only semites in Israel are Palestinian Arabs
    I remember when the first Khazar DNA evidence came out, it was immediately denounced as anti-Semitic even though it was the work of Israeli science! Jews have no qualms when it comes to eating their own, there is no loyalty amongst them so I know what they would do to us if given the chance. The Talmud is a book of lies used slither around the Law. The Torah instructs God’s people to deal with strangers decently and not to abuse them. The Talmud teaches it’s not only okay but, upright to cheat and abuse a non-Jew. I will not associate with a Zionist or Talmud observing Jew. If this makes me anti-Semitic, fine. Let the chips fall where they may. I shall stand on God’s Law as revealed through Jesus Christ my Lord in whom I trust.


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