Standing in a Different Context 04

We can go back and trace how the Kazar Jews infiltrated Western Europe. Today we call them Ashkenazi.

A very famous member of their nation was Mayer Amschel Bauer, whose family eventually gained the nickname Rothschild and took it officially as their family name. After being apprenticed for awhile to a banker, Mayer eventually started dealing in rare coins and gained the attention of some nobles and royalty. He also built up a courier system that handled large money transfers with security and secrecy on behalf of his aristocratic clients. He enforced the same endogamy common among Jews since biblical times and instilled in his sons the will to infiltrate places of power at every opportunity. The family obsession with banking and related businesses arose from the simple fact Jews couldn’t legally own property. However, most of the wild tales about the Rothschilds are baloney.

Further, those wild tales of dark evil souls attempting to seize control of the world are simply not the point. The point is that the Devil is in control and uses anyone who serves his purpose. The Rothschilds behaved consistently with other Ashkenazi Jews, and were quite good at working around problems. Their influence slowly opened more and more doors. At the same time, they always faced some hatred simply for being different.

Remember Napoleon? He was partly influenced by the Rothschilds to put into his legal system a new level of freedom for Jews by reducing laws aimed specifically at restricting them. But did the Rothschilds love him for it? No, they funded some of the people who eventually defeated him. In London, one of the Rothschild sons used their advanced courier system to insure he got the word of how the battle turned out a day before any of the traders in stock exchange knew. He bought everything on the low knowing the prices would shoot up once the exchange got the official word of Wellington’s victory the next day. The Rothschilds were loyal only to themselves.

Most of my American readers are unlikely to know too much about the back and forth of the French Revolution, but at about the time of our Civil War, Napoleon III ruled France and he had learned a lot about espionage from Ashkenazi Jews like the Rothschilds. A very smart lawyer named Maurice Joly who opposed Napoleon III published a scathing critique of the ruler via an imaginary conversation in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu. It’s referred to as the “Geneva book” because that’s where it was published in French. Joly was tossed in jail for it and very few copies of the book survived.

Joly’s brilliant work captures the essence of Western government. It’s more than just true to Machiavelli; it’s an accurate portrayal of the lies and secrecy that arose from a necessity of manipulating the population as the simplest path to ruling. Keep in mind that Napoleon III remained faithful to his progenitor’s policy of moving toward fair and equal treatment of Jews, while Joly appeared to be a Catholic loyalist. The Catholics of France maintained a prejudice against Jews, though some would argue it was well earned, given how often the Ashkenazi Jews had assisted in manipulating popes, bishops and creating tension with secular rulers, along with promoting the confiscation of Church properties. However, Joly’s work seems to offer no blame on the Jews for the sins of Napoleon III.

However, his book was borne somehow to Russia which was facing the early stages of its eventual Communist Revolution. Keep in mind that not all those Kazar Jews had left their ancient homeland in what was then western Russia. Russian Jews were generally in favor of communism, so it’s quite natural that people loyal to the czar were not friendly with Jews. As far as we can tell, someone in the imperial administration rewrote Joly’s book and made it sound like a Jewish plot to take over the world. You can read a really good, but rather long, explanation of the plagiarism. The shorter version is that, given the necessity of translating into Russian, and re-translating into English, the resulting book reads differently, but says the same thing as Joly’s with just a few additions. The resulting book is known as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (get a free copy here).

So on the one hand, the Protocols is a fake. On the other hand, it started out as a very enlightened explanation of the lies and manipulation of Western governments, and remains a very accurate prediction of what we are seeing today. It looks very much like the behavior of the Rothschilds and the Zionists. So it really doesn’t matter if anyone espouses the book as their actual goals; this is where the Devil leads human governments. This is especially true of governments that embrace the Zionist cause and support Israel. The people involved in publishing the Protocols knew it was an accurate assessment and seized on the information, although some of it could as easily be said of themselves. It’s all the more accurate for any kind of globalist institution that aims to create a world government because this is a fair description of communist government agendas. We should skip the “Zion” part of the title and recognize the book for it’s accurate portrayal of governments in general.

Why do you suppose the Devil’s servants have tried so hard to discredit that book?

Folks, if we are going to take seriously our claims in the Radix Fidem covenant, it means building a set of mental reflexes based on the assumptions that arise from our faith. The Devil is a real person without a fleshly form, working invisibly and creating the false impression that his servants are such brilliant, evil, well-organized conspirators. The vast majority of humanity serve Satan quite well just by staying inside their heads and keeping their hearts silent and dark. Eventually he will devour all their lives and their dreams will come to nothing.

It’s not about organizing humanity under some demonic one world government; it’s nothing more than keeping them away from their divine heritage. Everything else is just background.

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Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    Thanks for this explanation, Ed. I may post this, and some parts of other posts in this series, on the Radix Fidem sermon forum, because I get the impression it’s important information, not just something I personally wanted to know.


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