Standing in a Different Context 05

The Antichrist in Scripture is a symbol, a demonic spirit that motivates people to be hostile to the gospel.

The failure of every big conspiracy theory is not taking the Bible seriously. These theories allege a higher intelligence and ability to organize and plot things with an inhuman precision and breadth of detail. This is inconsistent with what the Bible teaches. Whether a theory posits some superhuman intellect or nonhuman intelligence doesn’t matter; there simply is no such thing. There is only Satan, his demon hordes, and the poor lost souls who follow his guidance.

It’s the same lie from that sad day in the Garden of Eden, that human intelligence is capable of handling everything. The arrogance of human reason is unbounded, but the capabilities most certainly are constrained by God. Thus, it’s just as sinful when some conspiracy theorist alleges that he can detect with his own brilliance some nefarious master plot to rule the world. It’s all the same Satanic lie.

There is no human agency capable of pulling it off. Fallen humans are incapable of executing most of what they imagine. Every fictional plot is shot through with holes. So even if there are groups of people out there who imagine themselves brilliant enough to take over the world through some deep and devious plan, they are simply lying to themselves. And those who try to beat the game by insisting that the plotters are super-intelligent non-human aliens, it’s just side-stepping the Word of God. Creation itself is not fallen, only humans. If they are human, they are fallen. If they are not human, then they are not fallen and not evil.

The Devil does not control nature, only so many humans as submit to his lies. And not one of those humans has ever been capable of holding together a master plan across multiple generations without it all coming apart sooner or later. Nor will humans ever get any smarter; instead they are getting progressively more blinded and deceived as we move toward God’s final endpoint for this fallen existence.

Nobody has a valid master plan to rule the world. God will not permit it. That was one of the lessons from the Tower of Babel. What will continue to rule the world until Christ returns is a very intelligent Devil whose mission is to build false hopes and then destroy all the dreams of brain-led humans. Living by your reason and intellect guarantees failure. It is simply not possible to understand reality that way. It requires the heart-led consciousness.

And if your heart is not committed to serving God’s glory, then He’ll make sure it can’t lead you anywhere that matters. A great many people have demonstrated a level of insight into the mechanics of reality consistent with the heart-led perspective, but they didn’t bow the knee to their Creator, and so always were led astray about the ultimate meaning of things. A heart of darkness cannot know the truth of God’s Creation, which is reality.

With all the advancements of human technology, about the only thing we’ve accomplished is burning out our dreams, schemes and plans quicker than ever. Those dreams that drive fallen humanity ever forward are sourced in the Devil. The only super-human intelligence involved in such aspirations is his. And his hands are bound by God’s authority on his mission. He cannot work outside Biblical Law because that is God’s Law of reality itself.

So while a handful of Zionists dream of taking over the world, it will never happen. They’ll be driven down false paths because that’s the Devil’s job. The same goes with other globalist and imperialist plots. Humanity is nationalist by nature; it’s in our DNA. We cannot be made to cooperate with such plans by any amount of deception, manipulation and force. Reality itself will prevent it. Satan is not allowed to make it happen. Defying Biblical Law is defying reality and it simple will not work. So the likes of the Protocols looks like a plot that is working, but in the end it must fail. Zionism is a demonic spirit and will be around to the end of humanity, but Israel will last only as long as it serves its limited purpose.

Typical Western visions of Apocalypse are loaded with Satanic deception. John’s Revelation was meant to help us understand the nature of fallen mankind and precisely why no one can successfully oppose Biblical Law. John never expected anyone to take his prophecy as literal. It’s Hebrew mystical symbolism; it’s parable through and through.

Don’t buy into the lies. Learn to recognize the hand of the Devil, and distinguish it from the hand of God.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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