Standing in a Different Context — Epilogue

Not every conspiracy theory is wrong. But most conspiracies have failed to accomplish all the conspirators had hoped, so there’s a lot of confusion about them. What follows is my personal take on a few examples to indicate how we can use the teaching of this series to avoid the greatest conspiracy of all times: keeping believers away from their divine heritage.

JFK was murdered by CIA assassins. While a lot of folks assisted (like the FBI) for various different motives, the CIA ran the operation because JFK didn’t support them as much as they wanted. Consider the Bay of Pigs fiasco; they blamed JFK for that. The underlying motive was the rabid anticommunist obsession still with us today. It’s not that communism wasn’t a threat, but that no one bothered with a realistic assessment of communism.

9/11 was an inside job. It came very near to complete failure in its fundamental intent. A lot of awful stuff was done and the cover-up was transparent, so it comes down to grinding blatant lies told by government and the MSM. The public reaction was strong, but it didn’t yield the results the conspirators really wanted. They had to settle for a fragile thin cover over some of the crimes they hoped to hide in the process. The ongoing confusion about methods and whether an actual plane hit the Pentagon is part of and continuing effort to extract the last few possible advantages of such a horrific crime.

But it couldn’t be used to justify the full Which Path to Persia? conspiracy (see this for an explanation), only the part about invading Iraq. Now that, too, has failed. We have a strong skepticism about the ongoing US occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, plus more recently Syria. Whatever it once may have been, this whole thing is a thin veneer over Zionism. There are lots of folks on board because of the petroleum and other resources in the area, but the real goal is simple Zionism. Israel wants those countries weakened; no other motive matters.

Operation Northwoods was real, but the Report from Iron Mountain is another satire like the Geneva book by Joly. It’s accurate in a different sense. It echoes what government officials do instinctively behind the scenes as their general operating assumptions. It’s just another part of the failed dreams fed to people by the Devil.

At any rate, there will be more false flag operations here in the US, for sure, and likely elsewhere. But for now, I suspect Trump is unlikely to support using them, unlike Bush with 9/11. They’ll come up from inside the system, and this carries a different set of challenges. It affects what is possible and requires manipulating the POTUS in ways that may not work too well.

Please notice that this is running up against a whole raft of things already failing and breaking apart purely as a matter of the natural course of things. The US economy is mostly false front; the system could collapse any moment. The polarization of the public is well along, but the biggest problems are hard to see unless you approach it from a heart-led perspective. You can’t rely on history to indicate what the people will tolerate and what they won’t. You’ll hear a lot of noise on the Internet about what some folks imagine would be a breaking point, but it will be wrong. You’ll have to sense directly the hand of God, because He’s the only one who knows.

My point is that humans by their combined abilities cannot accurately assess how things work. They start out misled by the Devil, and cannot hope to succeed long term. Small conspiracies tend to work better, but the longings of the flesh don’t lend themselves to moderation. Satan seduces people into believing they can take it all. And God has revealed the certainty that He won’t allow that to happen according to their fantasies. It may appear that things come close to it, but the Lord will not allow things to deviate from His divine will. The Tower of Babel signals God’s sovereign will never to allow humans to unite around a single ideal. The only thing fallen men have in common is endless appetite for things that cannot satisfy; they can never agree on how to pursue those appetites.

Don’t fall for the Devil’s lies.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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