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Prayer Request: Another Tower System

Update: A system has been ordered and is on the way. Thank you all. ———— Reminder: My tower system has a big problem and can no longer run in graphical mode. The GUI keeps locking up on random events. I … Continue reading

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Fret Not 01

This is likely to become a periodic feature, so I’m numbering these attempts to restore sanity. 1. Tommy Robinson (real name: Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon) was arrested by British police while reporting outside a courthouse. There’s a lot of noise about … Continue reading

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Photography: Chandler, OK

It was a lie. The lakes around Chandler were not really worth the time to go see. Both of them are fishing and boating lakes, but you had best not get caught so much as wading in the water. That … Continue reading

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The Theology of Division

There is so very much that we simply cannot see unless God shows it to us. I’m not sure there is any way to draw a line between heart-led moral perception and a direct move by God to point something … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces 33

Got a new headshot. I’m still letting the hair on top — such as it is — grow as it will. But despite all my best efforts, the beard was not viable. It wasn’t just itching constantly. Even when I … Continue reading

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Technology: Keep Watch

We need to prepare for tribulation, which will include a vicious rise in censorship on the Internet. Here in the US, various government agencies have long practiced limited forms of disinformation and squelching those who told the truth. Now they … Continue reading

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Embracing the Enlightenment from Heaven

One more time: Under the Radix Fidem covenant, our teaching emphasizes living by Biblical Law. We teach that “Biblical Law” is a term equivalent to the moral character of God, equivalent to Jesus Christ Himself as a person. It’s not … Continue reading

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