We Need Ehud

If we disobey, we leave a door open for demonic presence in our lives. Obedience is the hedge of protection. You don’t have to pay attention to what follows — it’s kinda long — but I must write it.

Read about Ehud (Judges 3:12-30). Eglon lived in fear and suspicion because he wasn’t all that popular with the Moabite nobles. That’s why he was willing to trust Ehud’s claim to have a secret message; the Israelis were not restive and had no plans to resist his rule. But Ehud had a mission from God, and went in faith trusting that God would back him. His convictions told him that God was going to raise up the Israelites to fight during the chaos after Eglon’s death.

How does that square with Exodus 20:13? The Ten Commandments were not absolute law in our Western sense of legislation. It was an ancient suzerain-vassal treaty common at that time in that part of the world. The Ten Commandments were a summary of what their ruler — Jehovah — cared about in general terms. It was just an outline to become acquainted with their sovereign more personally. After all, this is a matter of Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) feudal custom. Jehovah was adopting Israel as His family, His household. They needed to know what He expected of His family, what sort of agenda He held, how He would operate.

Most Western Christians do understand that “thou shalt not kill” refers to murder, not a just execution or an act of war. The rest of the Pentateuch liberally sprinkles in examples of justified execution on the grounds of how certain human activities were a serious threat to covenant peace (AKA social stability). You can’t afford to leave a big door open for the demons. But more than that, it was based on the divine moral character of God, and was thus reflected in how Creation worked. Creation itself operates according to the personal character of God, and included ANE feudalism and covenant law.

So we here at Radix Fidem boldly declare that reality is a living person, a reflection of God’s personality, and everything is personal and alive. We treat Creation as living, sentient and willful, because God’s revelation makes no sense any other way. And we declare that all mankind is outside God’s favor unless they live in feudal societies under some kind of covenant.

Obviously, America is nothing like that. We are not a covenant nation and our laws are not even on the same planet with ANE feudalism. But then, Christianity grew up under the Roman Empire and that was hardly ANE feudalism, either. A little closer than American government and society, but not by much. Yet Paul and the other Apostles taught that we must strive to live in peace with an unjust government and society. All the while, we must strive to live with our fellow believers within small private ANE feudal societies they called “churches” back in those days.

Is your church feudal and covenental? Not likely. That’s another problem we talk about here on this blog. In that sense, it doesn’t matter what your Christian religious organization calls itself; it is not what the Bible calls a church. Unless you can make yourself part of a faith community that is, your faith and service in the Kingdom of Heaven will be hindered.

But you can commit yourself individually to seeking God’s face about that until He opens the door somewhere. Like Ehud on his mission, sometimes you just can’t talk about everything in your heart. Since we aren’t gearing up to kill Eglon, it’s not that severe, but you and God can work out how much to say and when. Meanwhile, pray that God provide a real church community where you can serve Him as He intended.

And live as peacefully as you can under a government that is far worse than Rome was in the First Century. Do that with prayerful consideration of what your mission and calling is, and what God requires you to do. I’ve already hammered out why we can refer to the US Constitution as something that tends to affect how US Government operates, but recognize that the vast majority of what our federal government is violates that constitution, even when the government does nothing. It’s just a piece of paper, as one recent president said, and that’s how our government works. Get used to it; this really isn’t all that important since the US Government is nowhere close to God’s revealed form of government, and never will be. Just play along cynically and infiltrate the system knowing that you have a calling and mission from God and that He will keep His promises to those who are faithful to His glory.

Now, be aware that God still works through guys like Ehud. His killing was an act of war under covenant feudalism, and faithful to his God. Was Israel a good and righteous nation? Not at that point in time. Still, Ehud’s faith spoke and he obeyed. And if Israel had refused to rally to his call, he still did the right thing. Consequences are in the hand of God. Would he have gotten much help beforehand? Likely he would have gotten a lot of interference from Israelis living in dread of provoking their Moabite overlords.

I’ve warned prophetically and according to the Bible that God intends to crush the US Government. It’s coming; get ready. America is under His wrath. I’ve also sought to explain as concretely as I can just how this is going to go down. I’ve tried to teach how Democrat and Republican parties mean almost nothing, that the real issue is globalists and imperialists. I’ve sought to explain how they are different from the one alternative agenda possible that comes close to satisfying Scripture: nationalism. It’s not the same as covenantal feudalism — not by a long shot — but is the single closest point of approach between what God said compared to what is just barely possible in our world today. So it’s not so much that we cheer for nationalism, but that it’s the least evil agenda we will see in our political situation.

Do I need to explain what’s wrong with the globalist agenda? It’s a big freaking lie. It’s not any part of what its proponents claim; they are lying and trying to sucker everyone into buying the lie. They plan to make us slaves, only it’s the worst form of slavery seen in human history. This is not about fear, but awareness of the moral truth. They will fail, of course, because the globalists do not have the intelligence or sense of moral discernment to pull it off. God is going to crush them first.

Feel free to help Him do that, if you sense His call in that direction. Need some more justification? These globalists are at war with God and His plans. I’m not telling you that Trump is God’s man, but I will tell you that God chose Trump as His instrument of wrath. He’s going to hurt Americans. But that hurt has to come one way or another, and Trump is part of that. Don’t resist God’s wrath. Indeed, we should be praying that His wrath fall on us first so we can be cleansed, but that’s how wrath works in a believer’s life. Then we’ll be ready to ride out the tribulation that follows. Get to the place where you can see the possibility that God may call you to help bring down the globalists.

You may not get Ehud’s call, but there are thousand different ways to help weaken their hands. If nothing else, talk to others about globalist evil plans when the Spirit prompts you to speak. Still, they are at war with America’s best interest. They are quite willing to shed blood in favor of their agenda. They are the ones paying the Antifa rioters, for example.

Now, I suppose it seems rather clear that we are headed for an ugly mess of a civil war on America’s way down. There is a shortcut, but I’m willing to bet not many folks would consider it — Ehud’s mission. Yes, it’s technically illegal and there will be consequences, but if someone doesn’t take this seriously, it will be even more messy and far longer and hurt a whale of a lot more people. And the same warfare and bloodshed will most certainly come sooner or later. If you think this doesn’t make me tremble, you don’t know anything about me. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do Ehud’s mission here in America. Having none of his talents or training, I also don’t know enough about who should be targeted, nor any other practical details. But if God doesn’t raise up some disciples of Ehud, we are in for a very, very rough ride.

And the same way I can see the truth of that, I can tell you that Trump didn’t have to go through as much hassle as he has so far. Again, I have no love for that man at all, but he is the instrument God has chosen. I thought he was a lot smarter and tougher than he has shown himself to be so far. So I’m watching and praying for some Ehuds to rise up and help clean up this mess. Otherwise, this thing will drag on and on until it turns into a bloodbath.

Only after God has crushed the globalists will He deal with the imperialists and Zionists. Keep your heart in charge, and keep your eyes open; see if I’m just making noise. My faith says I have to reveal these things regardless of the consequences.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to We Need Ehud

  1. Iain says:

    Mmmm….let me see, who is the fattest globalist? Al Gore? Hefty sure but, he’s a harmless kook. George Soros!? Again chunky, wealthy & influential but no he’s too well known. No our guy is sits like Buddha under the giant owl at the Grove perhaps? Maybe a TLC or CFR member? A Bilderberg groupie? Has to have Zionist ties mmm….. YES! I’ve got it! John Hagee! He must be Egloned.*
    *ATT’N GOV’T SNOOPERS: The preceding was humor and should in no way be taken seriously. I love Loony Al, I have no axe to grind with anyone not trespassing on my property. I love Brother Hagee, I have one of his size 58″ signature bath robes for Pete’s sake!*
    *Poor taste even if it is trunny. Obesity is a very difficult condition to deal with but, I’m a fat-ass too so I can say what I like about it; you know, in the same way that only Space Undocumented Persons can make fun of Space Undocumented Persons or Africanized Bees other Africanized Bees.


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