Speaking to Plugged Ears

I’ve tried to make it clear that in this world our biggest problem is Satan and his use of deceived people. I’ve written about how we very much need to see the Devil as a real person, no less than we see God as a Person. And the logic of how we deal with all of this, both the divine moral character of God in His Creation, and the way in which Biblical Law binds His servant the Devil, requires that we understand most things in terms of living people, agents of our Creator for one purpose or another.

Thus, I insist we treat reality as a person, as we do all of Creation. Go outside and speak to the sun, the wind, the flowers, birds and shrubs; hug a tree along with some humans. Talk to so-called “inanimate objects” in your residence. I personified The Cult as people when in reality, it’s a demonic force working in some people in the world. I wanted to give the concept life so that you would understand how this particular force operates in human guise. I wanted to give it character and shape, the same as I do other forces for good and evil in this world. Personifying things that our Western culture depersonalizes helps to recover and restore the biblical approach the life.

I try to name things as they did in the Bible. I am utterly convinced that this is the best way to understand things, that it’s the way God taught us to handle life in this fallen world. And consistent with the biblical text, I use names and labels that refer to leadership of various identifiable political forces, by which we understand what the fallen world does. There’s a reason for that: reality itself is feudal. If someone has risen to a position of leadership in their identity group, then the group cannot disown the leader without getting rid of that leader.

For example, we all know that a great many people in this world who identify themselves as Jewish don’t support what famous and influential Jews do. But unless they take action to disown and depose those famous and powerful figures who also identify as Jewish, then they can’t complain when their identity gets dirt on it. If there’s any identity group notorious for failing to do this, it is Jews.

Sometimes, representative voices admit to Jewish domination in American politics and culture. Yet, the same Jewish voices scream and punish a Gentile who dares to point it. What would we call this? Cowardly bullying. What else would you call it when an identifiable group of people brag to each other and celebrate their power, but do everything possible to hide that power over the people they strive to dominate?

But because of how things work in this world, we avoid saying “Jews” when we talk about this problem. And unlike Philip Giraldi, I’m not going to bother distinguishing between admitted Zionists and neocons, versus those who act like Zionists but don’t embrace the label. It’s a functional label that covers our needs when we talk about them as the human face of demonic powers.

So one more time: Zionists rule the US. The USA is a subservient client state of Israel. Our government policy is set in Israel first, then propagated here through any number of manipulations. The Zionists silence all honest discussion, using their effective ownership of the publishing and entertainment industry. They hold themselves as truly superior to Gentiles, as if the latter were simply useful intelligent animals — their words, not mine (look at the second answer). Zionists typically deny that their Scriptures (specifically, the Talmud) say any such thing, but it’s there, plain as day. Yet, they fear Gentiles when everyone gets tired of serving the Zionist agenda.

I could be wrong about a lot of things, but I believe I will live to see the US broken up into smaller regional states. A primary cause of this will be our government’s subservience to Zionism. I also believe I will live to see the modern state of Israel destroyed, at least to some degree, in part because their bully-boy — the US — will be humbled.

None of this requires our hostility. It’s going to come because it’s the natural result of transgressing the divine moral character of God programmed into reality itself. But it’s also going to come because of the active hand of God in His wrath against insufferable insult to His glory. So we can just back off, even remain friendly with the Jewish folks we know, including Zionists and their Gentile servants. Their time is coming, and it’s closer than anyone imagines. We should consider ways to manifest His grace poured out upon our lives, and share some of that grace with the doomed Zionists. It will ensure they have no excuse when they stand before God in full guilt for rejecting His ways and His commands for them.

And we certainly can do little to halt their headlong rush to destruction. Just point it out now and then — again, so that no one can pretend they weren’t told of their sins. We know Zionists can’t hear that message, but maybe some bystander can catch it and be moved to bow before the Lord.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Speaking to Plugged Ears

  1. forrealone says:

    ‘…we certainly can do little to halt their headlong rush to destruction.’

    The arrogance and disobedience to God of the Jews has proven to be their downfall since the beginnings of their nation since Joshua lead them across the Jordan.  It is obvious they are no longer chosen nor have they been for thousands of years.  There is only one explanation for their continued influence on the world and specifically, to Americans, the US.  They figured out long ago how to manipulate to get what they want – Power.  And to the magnitude to which that has been accomplished, it is obvious who is helping them.  They won’t give up any of that without some serious, bloody resistance.  Just look at the ongoing and recent events in Gaza.

    I must admit it is a little scary for me as a woman, mother and compassionate human being.  Yep, I am human and carry alot of those fallen traits.  May the Lord continue to bless us with wisdom to get through all this.

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  2. Jay DiNitto says:

    “I could be wrong about a lot of things, but I believe I will live to see the US broken up into smaller regional states.”

    Yes. You can only bend reality so far until snaps back. It never actually breaks. This is one of the ways the feudal nature of human behavior breaks down lofty, “Enlightenment” constructed governments.


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