Embracing the Enlightenment from Heaven

One more time: Under the Radix Fidem covenant, our teaching emphasizes living by Biblical Law. We teach that “Biblical Law” is a term equivalent to the moral character of God, equivalent to Jesus Christ Himself as a person. It’s not about directives, but the personality of our Lord and Savior. Truly living by Biblical Law requires spiritual birth, but Scripture says there’s virtually nothing we can do about spiritual birth.

Instead, our whole emphasis is on committing to Jesus as your Lord, and embracing His offer to make you part of His family. That’s the sort of language the Bible uses most consistently. It’s the imagery of Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) culture in general, and of the Hebrew language and culture in particular. The language about spiritual birth is then attached to that of adoption into the family of God. Further, the New Testament makes it clear that you cannot even want this unless the Spirit of God invokes it in your soul.

So all this business of “Decision Theology” is unbiblical. It’s a lie from the Devil. You are not capable of making a rational decision to serve Christ. We believe you can reject the sense of conviction, but you cannot do anything at all to trigger the call of God. Nothing anyone on this earth can do will awaken your sense of repentance. It’s totally and completely in His hands to choose you or not. That’s the language of the New Testament. Any other concept, theology or mental frame of reference is a lie.

The business of church is not “getting you saved;” it’s helping you discover the implications of spiritual birth into God’s feudal household after you embrace it. That is typically discussed in terms of getting you out from under Satan’s feudal dominion. That means learning to reject his authority and claiming your divine birthright. That means living by Biblical Law, which is nothing more than mimicking how Jesus would live if He were born in your place. It’s incorporating His divine moral character into your personality. He is the Living Law of God.

It’s not that hard. In fact, it’s hard not to. The Law of God is its own reward. Once you settle into the truth of who God is and how He wove His character into His Creation, you realize it’s what you were designed for. It’s your own nature come to life. It comes to us as quite a relief from living under the Devil’s lies. We start begging for the power to live by His personality in us, and we start to separate from the fleshly nature. That fallen nature is the only part of us that dreads having it’s “fun and freedom” curtailed by God’s revelation. The fallen fleshly nature is wholly deceived about what “fun and freedom” is. Your reason and intellect is part of that fallen nature.

By that definition, most mainstream church folks are still serving the Devil. Certainly they won’t agree with that, and they would reject the notion that Scripture teaches that. It’s not our job to debate with them, only to declare the truth. We declare it most strongly by how we live and harvest those blessings, appropriating our divine birthright. Our longing for His Law, our passionate commitment to His glory, is the core of our testimony. Everything else is just manifestation.

Now go back and read all those popular New Testament passages in light of this understanding. It changes everything. This is the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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