Call on Him

It’s downright scary to think about it.

All other things being equal, were it not for America’s obsession with guns, our government would have long ago sunk this country into the depths of Hell. Our government system has bred the most spitefully oppressive regime in human history. But it is held in check by the mere fact that the people would rise up and slaughter the government officials if they crossed that invisible line (a line that lives and moves on its own across the awareness of the whole nation).

It’s not as if gun ownership were some glorious God-given right; it’s a dire necessity. It’s a necessity because of the horrifying brutality of American culture itself. You see, while we do have a problem with an evil elite running our country, it wouldn’t matter if you replaced that elite with other people — it would still be the same awful mess. The poor oppressed mass of Americans would all be just as bad if you suddenly made them government officials. We can all be decent people until we are given power within the system.

It’s the evil system, a system that arises directly from our culture. Indeed, there’s really no point trying to discuss which came first, because the government system grew alongside the culture, and they are inextricably bound. We are the most violent and abusive nation on this earth.

And we export this brutality everywhere we go in the world. The only people we don’t oppress are those who are armed to the teeth like our own home folks. America is not good and just; it is hideous and demonic. That we do some good things only serves to hide what should be obvious to anyone paying attention. Everything you think you don’t like about life in America is because Satan is the father of our nation. Our civility is a thin veneer covering a deep and dark writhing hatred for all humanity. We even hate ourselves in this crazy culture.

I’m not going to bother arguing the specifics. If this prophetic warning is not self-apparent to your heart, there’s nothing anyone can do to help you understand until God burns it into your awareness. There is not a thing any human, or group of humans, can do to make America right. This is why we prepare for God’s wrath to fall on this nation. His patience has run out. If there was any justice to His wrath on Sodom and Gomorrah, then we are next.

We can know this only if we understand the jarring difference between what God has ordained against what we have built here in America. Compounding this awful truth is that we have an ocean of people praising the American culture and form of government as God’s ideal. This is a blasphemous lie, spitting in God’s face. His revelation is all too clear on this issue, but Americans as a whole have closed their hearts to the truth.

So all that’s left is for those of us living for Christ here to seek a path out of American culture, out of the Hell of self-deception about what God calls good and right. In 9+ years of blogging here the message on this has not changed: God’s plan for humanity after the Fall is biblical feudalism. It’s more than just a proposal for our consideration; it’s the fundamental nature of His divine character woven into Creation. This is the character of reality itself. Oppose it and reality will eventually crush you.

Return to this feudalism, to the heart-led way of God’s truth. His wrath is upon the nation, but you can escape some of it by marking you life with His divine moral nature, a sort of blood of the Lamb on the doorposts. Call on Him and embrace His revelation.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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3 Responses to Call on Him

  1. forrealone says:

    “Americans as a whole have closed their hearts to the truth.” Yes, they have. And, sadly, there is no un-doing this. Blinded with self righteousness , deceived by the lies, and convinced America is great.


  2. Iain says:

    In almost every church I’ve been to, somewhere in the building I will find 2 Chronicles 7:14 framed. Ours is on the wall behind the altar next to a door that leads to what used to be the parsonage. You can’t read it til you get close. Any time I go through that door it irks me. The verse, as you know, refers to ancient Israel but, Christians in this country manage to convince themselves that it really means America. More evidence of the self deceiving hubris that is bringing us down. My aggressive confrontational side wants to shout “YOU IDIOTS! ” and then launch into a diatribe but, that is not part of my mission. I’m there to be an example of heart-led living even when that includes enduring “accept Jesus as your personal savior” sermons EVERY week!
    I’m going to post a question relating to this on Radix Fidem forum, check it out folks!

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  3. Jay DiNitto says:

    “God’s plan for humanity after the Fall is biblical feudalism. It’s more than just a proposal for our consideration; it’s the fundamental nature of His divine character woven into Creation. This is the character of reality itself. Oppose it and reality will eventually crush you.”

    People are so desperate to ignore or change this fact, we’ll come up with anything to replace it. Thinking of “the universe is really a projection” theories. In a way there’s some truth to that, but those who hold to that idea don’t have the fullness of the correct picture.


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