Variable Time

Spiritual truth defies precise description. The only proper language for it is indicative language: characterizing, symbolism, parable.

God Himself views all of human history as spread out before Him and nothing hinders His hand from adjusting anything anywhere or anywhen. Surely He understands it, but He is untouched by the passage of time into which we are locked.

The theoretical and fictional explorations of time travel are all bunk. There is only one way you can travel in time, and that requires you ditch your fallen human nature.

What people struggle with is the moral nature of Creation. There is no place for such a concept in Western reckoning of reality. For the Western mind, all morality is a human construct, which is exactly what Satan said it should be in the Garden. “Eat the Forbidden Fruit and decide for yourself!” But morality is woven into Creation; it is a fundamental element in nature.

So the only way you can travel in time is to get rid of your fallen nature and reconnect with the divine moral character of God. Otherwise you’d mess up everything. But with a redeemed moral nature, you can be trusted to handle the moral responsibilities of time travel. In blunt terms, you have to die first.

When Christ returns to end human history, it will not end time. But it will remove from us the restrictions of time and space. Time will become a variable that we can manipulate, and revisiting the past is just a matter of space-time locus. It will all become open to us; we will be in a position to move our awareness anywhere and anywhen.

Natural processes won’t end; nature isn’t fallen. We are fallen and it is we who will change at His Return. Time is not a curse; our restricted experience under time is the curse.

It boggles the mind. That’s because the mind is part of our fallen nature. We have to understand that there is some portion of our human awareness and sense of self that will survive the expiration of the flesh. It won’t include the intellect, per se. At the Final Redemption, our sense of awareness will transcend the limits of our cursed fallen fleshly nature; the latter will fade away and all things will become clear.

Time itself is not accursed, nor is it a part of the Curse. It is merely our fallen perception and how we experience time.

Having said all that, it’s still just indicative language, not descriptive. There’s nothing more anyone can do to offer an explanation.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Variable Time

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    “At the Final Redemption, our sense of awareness will transcend the limits of our cursed fallen fleshly nature; the latter will fade away and all things will become clear.”

    This sounds like the utmost of awesome to me.


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