Boasting in the Lord

This is our time as mystics and heart-led servants of Christ.

Surely you know that there are more folks out there who belong to this kind of faith. There’s nothing in God’s revelation that demands we all band together in human space. However, there is much in His Word that demands we seek their fellowship on whatever terms are possible within His calling and covenant. There is no need for a human leader to draw them all in and coordinate their activities; that’s the mission of the Holy Spirit. All of that takes place in the Spirit Realm. What’s left is to encourage each other within the calling and mission we share.

It would nice if there was a way to chat with all of these folks, to share on a personal level. I’m not sure what holds them back, but I can tell you quite a few such folks are subscribed here. Maybe it’s that we are all so very busy working at our mission that we don’t have a lot of time for socializing. I confess I don’t visit too many other blogs and sites on a regular basis because my calling up to now has kept me busy with other stuff. I sense the Lord may change that soon, but I can’t tell you how because I don’t yet know.

The first order of business is to pray for discovery, that the Lord will show us who out there shares enough of our mission and faith to be noticed. Let them know they aren’t alone. I’d also like for you folks to let us hear about what you have found out there in terms of kindred spirits. Leave a comment here, or send me an email about a site, blog or author you believe is a good fit. My email address is linked on the right side of this blog. Maybe we can come up with a link page or something.

Again, this is not necessarily trying to rope people in as members of our little virtual parish. They don’t have to join our club to be considered spiritual kinfolks. But we do need to let them know we are praying for them, and then do just that. We need to share as much as we can and exchange ideas on how to reach our world. And should they desire some kind of formal association, that’s just dandy, but this is not a boast in numbers. Let’s boast in the Lord.

God bless you all.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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3 Responses to Boasting in the Lord

  1. Iain says:

    I think I’ve made this point before but, I’m doing it again. I believe that churches are full of heart led believers, they just don’t know it. In my own experience, I find they are the quiet ones, the faithful who tend to do the thankless tasks like folding 120 bulletins with great care knowing full well that only 80 will actually be used. They visit the elderly and the sick. They pray, a lot. They have been in the Way a long time and have experienced the Lord’s faithfulness through the hardest of times. They exhibit the fruits of the Spirit. They are more concerned about you than themselves. I seek out these people and my heart stirs in the presence of a kindred spirit. I lack the capacity to teach these people about RF, I’m way to ADD for that and I’ve made a mess of it when I’ve tried but, I have one line, ” the voice of the Spirit of God that you sense in your heart…(pause until I know they get it) is always true and will never lead you astray. The voice in your head is either you or the devil and will lead to trouble. Learning to tell the difference is the tricky part and it takes time alone with God to get there, give it a try and see what happens”. It ain’t much but it’s non confrontational and it’s all I’ve got at the moment. People who are meant to get it, do but, we have to have enough faith to step back and let it happen. All of the above is just me, I have to be in the presence of people. I’m pretty much useless when it comes to tech. I pray daily for the Lord to bring me into contact with those He wills, so that I can plant heart seeds.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Indeed, there are lots of people walking by faith to varying degrees. They may even be aware of convictions and how they work. But as long as people are content where they are, there’s little we can do for them, aside from demonstrating our own faith, which can help people question their mainstream existence. The post above is aimed at finding folks who already know they are doing something different from the mainstream.


  3. Jay DiNitto says:

    They’re out there–but again, I’ve mentioned it before, so has Ed–they can sense something is really wrong with how churches do things, or how other Christians do things, but there’s a severe language barrier that prevents them from expressing it. Even to themselves. They can’t formalize inside their heads. It’s pretty maddening.


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