Our Message Will Prosper

Let’s review: Globalism is the prettier and younger sister of the old hag, communism. They are both gold-digging materialists who waste everything they get their hands on so that everyone is left poorer. And then they demand more. Here in the US, I’ve pegged globalists as the current biggest threat to human existence. There is no ethical or moral boundary these folks will not cross to seize power. They currently rule the mainstream media, most entertainment, most of academia and control the bureaucrats in most government agencies.

But very few Americans consider themselves any part of that philosophy. The globalists run the Democratic Party and control most of those who consider themselves leftist. They also have a strong minority in the Republican Party, in the sense that a small number of Republicans are sympathetic to portions of the globalist agenda. I’ve also said that globalists will ally with imperialists on some things, which is how they get a foothold like that. Yet for all their power, they are a minority in government and business. It’s just that they are so very loud, and they are firmly in control of the agenda espoused by people who think of themselves as politically progressive.

You don’t have to be conservative to be their enemy. All you need do is express insufficient support for their agenda. This is why they have always been a minority; they are spitefully intolerant. They used to hide that, but lately they’ve become quite open about it. Anyone who remains somewhat conservative and tries to work in their controlled enclaves will be persecuted at a minimum.

A notable example of that is Dr. Jordan Peterson. I’ve mentioned Dr. Peterson in the past. He’s very popular with folks sick and tired of the SJWs (social justice warriors) making so much hateful noise. Because he works in academia, he presents himself as besieged and oppressed. He’s not really so very conservative; he’s more centrist in what he promotes. He stands away from the fringes, so to speak, and gets a good bit of exposure in the media for it.

He does say a lot of sensible things. It’s clear he’s studied the human condition and has a firm grasp on what he believes would solve most social problems. However, he does waffle on some principles in order to keep from being shut out of the public debate. I noted that he is a fan of Western Civilization, so while we can appreciate some of what he has to say, there’s not that much overlap between his and our positions. Still, he’s got quite a fan base among self-conscious conservatives.

Lately he’s stumbled noticeably. From a conservative viewpoint, he failed to maintain fundamental principles more than once in public presentations. He wasn’t fully prepared for the typical semantic games of leftist manipulation. If he doesn’t turn this around quickly, he’s going to lose traction. Complaining about being a besieged man of principle only goes so far. Unless he takes advantage of his moment in the spotlight to propose at least a few concrete ideas to go on the attack, he’s going to be left behind.

I stand firm in my conviction that God is pouring out the first wave of His wrath on globalists — not so much as the sole target as simply a major first target. He will stir the conservative majority to do much of the work for Him. The momentum has already turned and the mass of public attention has shifted against the globalist message. We are already seeing the gentler assaults and it’s rather effective. The low-hanging fruit is being harvested now. Pay no attention to what seems like some kind of momentum on the progressive side; it’s all in vain. If Dr. Peterson continues operating like a member of a besieged minority, he’ll be left behind in the dust. More money and attention will go to aggressive figures who lead the way.

At the same time, you and I must remain aloof from the whole thing. Getting down and dirty with this partisan battle will take us out of the real war to restore heart-led mysticism to human awareness at large. Conservative American politics is not the message of the Bible. When the globalists have been crushed, the conservatives will not be our friends, either. However, they will be more tolerant of us, so our message can prosper.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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4 Responses to Our Message Will Prosper

  1. Iain says:

    I agree there is nothing to be gained by getting involved and much to lose if we were to involve ourselves on either side. I keep telling myself to quit voting but, I was raised with the “If you didn’t vote, you can’t bitch about it” ethic. I have developed a stategy on a local, state and national level vote against the incumbent, if a candidate is unopposed leave it blank or if it’s possible to write in, vote the town drunk or John Wayne. President same thing unless Trump runs again, after all he is God’s scourge, in 2024 the candidate I think will bring it down the quickest. I love the American people but, think our government has become what President Reagan said referring to the USSR “the focus of evil in the modern world”.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    There’s nothing that demands you avoid voting. Just vote your conscience and keep it to yourself. Also, if you pay taxes you can bitch regardless of whether you voted.


  3. As someone familiar with Jordan Peterson’s work from the time before he was thrust into the spotlight, I’d say he and the rest of us would be better served if he IS left behind. It’s a waste of his talents, and hard to watch, as he’s tricked into one corner after another, forced to snap defensively at his attackers.

    The man is not cut out to be a political figure; he’s too human. He’s at his best in his lectures on mythology, the Bible and human behaviour which are an absolute joy to watch.

    I’m praying for him. Maybe if his fame fades a bit he can get on with his real work as an educator. His lectures, and to a lesser extent his recent book, literally changed my husband’s life (and therefore mine) for the better.


  4. Ed Hurst says:

    I agree, Christine. He does a lot better out of the spotlight.


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