Disentangled from the Lies

It’s a moral perversion to ignore the real problem in favor of false accusations.

If you are going to participate in revealing God’s truth, don’t drag the Devil into it. It’s one kind of problem to declare that there is no moral fabric; it’s actually worse to lie about what is moral. That’s the essence of the Fall: Deciding what is good or evil on the basis of human reason.

I mentioned recently Trump’s troll army and the anonymous figure called “Q” — these are not heroic people. Whatever else “Q” is, the person behind it is a despicable neocon. They will mix half-truth in with damned lies and promote an evil agenda that justifies God’s wrath. But none of that justifies calling the troll army “racist” or any number of other SJW false accusations. Keep in mind that this is two armies of evil fighting for who gets to plunder us and devour the spoils.

Our duty in Christ is to see what God is doing and call attention to His glory. He’s going to deal with one evil, and then turn His attention to the other. Either army is likely to espouse individual issues we happen to favor; the problem is that they have no clue why those issues are morally just. We have to be very careful how we engage something like that to avoid giving God’s glory to anyone else.

Thus, we can condemn those huge petroleum pipeline projects along with a bunch of Greens, but for a different reason: The people behind those projects are rapacious thugs who spitefully abuse natural resources and give our Creator the finger. They will reject any moral duty to be careful and protect other environmental resources God has given us.

But we condemn the Greens because they worship the creature, not the Creator. The Green agenda is to depopulate the earth (by slaughter if necessary) of all but themselves so they can enter into some impossible Nirvana of elitist “harmony with nature” as true worshipers. God gave us natural resources to use for His glory; the rapacious oil companies could do a far better job than they do now, but their worship of Mammon makes it a sin. The Greens versus Big Petroleum is a war between equally evil demon worshipers.

And it would be just as wrong to ignore the other groups involved in such protests. We are actually quite close to Native American pipeline protesters in many ways. Biblical Law says we owe a huge moral debt to the American natives. Don’t fall for a false dichotomy; few things in life are as simple as a binary choice.

Don’t walk into these things blindfolded. We represent the Creator, and He alone represents us. Nobody in this world is interested in what drives us, but they may be quite willing to hijack our energy for their lies and personal profit. There is nothing we can do about them for the most part, so ignore them when you can. We don’t support Trump; we stay out of his way as much as possible. We also don’t support his enemies. We are on a wholly different path from all of them, but we should pay attention to what they are doing so we’ll know to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

The ultimate failure of human reason is the self-deception that objectivity is even possible.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Disentangled from the Lies

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    We could support Q as much as we could support anyone else rebelling against corruption. We’re not activists but I don’t see giving a nod to someone doing dirty work as a problem. It’s only temporary, since the cycle will start over again with a different rebellious group of players. The point is that the system is not of God, therefore anything that drags it out into the light as it is can’t be all that bad.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    If nothing else, the panic among lefties provoked by Q and friends is quite entertaining.


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