Demon Gods of This World

Never apologize for your calling and mission from Jehovah.

We need fellowship; it is the essence of our design. It’s not the same as friendship. You can have lots of friends who don’t have a clue about otherworldly considerations, but truly satisfying fellowship is a bottomless hunger that comes from the Presence of the Holy Spirit, and the only fulfillment is in the company of folks who are heart-led mystics. Most of us here at Kiln of the Soul are lacking that fellowship in our worldly existence. We find it with each other online, but it only stokes the flames of desire for face-to-face contact with each other. Worse, there really aren’t all that many in our online world, either (in the sense of their being fully conscious of it).

If you are seeking genuine peace with God and service in His Kingdom, you will surely harvest hostility from people focused on this world. There is a sense in which the hostility is a symptom of need; the very people who most need your witness are the ones who reject it. Hostility is like respect; it should be earned. People who are naturally hostile are the sickest of all souls, but we know the root cause of hostility to our otherworldly witness is a symptom of demonic presence, one way or another.

Political activists of any stripe are serving demons. They believe this world matters, and Christ said it really doesn’t. There are things we do while we are here, and we do need to be aware of what’s going on, but that’s a matter of tactics, not overall strategy. The strategy is to deny this world, to pull away from it. At the same time, pulling away from it gives us a totally different perspective on what’s happening within it.

On the one hand, we cry out for more tribalism among our own kind of heart-led mystics. On the other hand, we know that in the eyes of this world it looks very much like something called “atomic individualism.”

This world does not understand where the focal point belongs; a proper godly tribalism rests on a biblical covenant, not on any other human trait. In a certain fundamental human sense we reject all other tribes as insignificant, as ultimately meaningless. We may still have a mission that means dealing with human associations, but that’s merely the place we stand for shining the light of glory. Nothing of significance comes from such human associations, except when we convince people to stop being anxious about such things. We want them to stop caring so much about the human associations and start caring about the divine.

It’s a realignment of everything in our human existence. It may well mean pulling away from some human friendships and family (Matthew 10:34-39). Be prepared for that, but don’t assume it has to be so. What we cultivate is a wholesale shift in meaning for everything, including those things most humans hold sacred. This requires we learn how to face hostility from folks who don’t like seeing their orientation and sense of what’s important trashed like that. It will appear to them we are going off into our own little world — “atomic individualism” — but that’s only because their world is a lie.

Get to know God. The only way you can know Him is via your heart. All the huge piles of theology and listed attributes are nothing but one or another man’s chatter. You have to write your own life narrative on the pages of human existence. Don’t let someone else write it for you; they may not even write their own very well. Your proper tribe is not found that way. It’s found in a genuine commitment to faith that makes no sense at all to this world.

Worldly virtues are no virtue at all; worldly deities are all demons.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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