Rattling My Own Cage Again

Just my opinion, so you can ignore this post, but I will not be silent. This is part of my divine calling. If nothing else, this will tell you something about me.

I’ve struggled with how to characterize Trump. It’s not that he has no principles, but that’s only a small part of the picture. For decades he has been an entertainer with a huge business in the background. That hasn’t changed, but the show is now broadcast from the Oval Office. Everything he does eventually profits that business empire, but he manipulates his audience to ensure that everything remains favorable to his business dealings. He’s not deceiving; he is entertaining. He is fairly consistent with his themes. If he appears to change course, it’s in response to the ratings. Whatever agenda he espouses is aimed at prospering his empire and feeding his ego, but he will pursue it honestly.

His agenda is crony capitalism, but he knows it works best when a slender majority of the population that pays attention is tuned in to the show. Broad American prosperity is necessary for his own prosperity, and his plan will probably work in the long run. He believes he’s going to soften the inevitable economic crash. At some point he’ll probably try to sell it that way. He believes he’s laying the groundwork for a good rebound. His plan is plausible, so he’s not stupid, but he’s definitely not attuned to what God is doing right now.

But whatever crises are coming, those are just the shift in setting that God will use to carry out His own divine plans. The US has to be shattered, in the process, the globalists will be crushed first, followed by the imperialists. Nationalism will prosper, even if it’s only the flawed nationalism of Americans. This is not a complete wipe and do-over as with Noah. It’s just the end of some particularly egregious offenses against Biblical Law.

It’s also the end of one empire and civilization, and the rise of another that will include some elements of what it replaces. That’s the way Western Civilization arose, sucking up much of the Greco-Roman Civilization but adding a whole raft of new elements stolen from Germanic Tribes. Just so, what I currently call the nascent Networked Civilization will be somewhat western, but will be its own thing with a whole raft of new elements.

So this will not happen without some breakage and bloodshed. Nobody can estimate how much, nor where the tipping point will be — actually multiple tipping points, each with its own sorrows.

For once we have communism without guns (under the guise of globalism). That’s why it will fail; communism never happens without force. We’ve got riots and strikes, but no significant armed force.

Then again, genuine communism has never been tried; it’s always been the cover for cronyism. History says communism can work only in tiny enclaves. And even then it needs fresh blood every generation; kids raised under communism seldom stick around the commune. But as national governments go, communism has always been the cover for something else.

This is why today’s globalist elite are against China, for example. The globalist elite are also using communism as a front for cronyism, and China has the “wrong” cronies. At any rate, the globalists aren’t smart enough to actually understand communism in the first place, so they are promoting their brand and almost nobody is buying. America’s globalists will become increasingly frantic and violent. Somewhere in this will be a tipping point that provokes a violent right-wing backlash.

Had Clinton and her gang bowed out gracefully and worked on rebuilding their popular appeal, Trump would be in trouble. Instead, we get constant kvetching and trying to delegitimize the last election, ratcheting up the audacity of their attacks. It is wearing thin.

If the alt-right can provoke legal action, they would prefer that for now. Back during the Pizzagate noise, an alleged FBI informant was dumping information on 4chan and other forums. While this leaker was feeding the pedophilia frenzy, he insisted the real issue was Clinton’s charity foundation. He was unable to give too many details because they could be traced back to him, but he indicated that researching their foundation was the best way to bring pressure to bear on jailing the Clintons and their friends. Keep in mind that the Clintons rule over a very large globalist cabal. They didn’t hide their tracks all that well because they were convinced she would win the election.

Now here we are some months later and it turns out other leakers have made Clinton indictments plausible by diligently searching out her tracks. I’m not going to regurgitate all the ugly details here, but this long and detailed discussion is just skimming the surface. It links Clinton, Obama, Silkway Airlines, gun running for the CIA, the Libya murders, uranium shipments to Russia, and big huge donations from various parties in this business to the Clintons’ foundation, and it reaches all the way back to Brzezinski and the mujahideen. The linked article will also introduce you to the current thread of activity with Q and fans.

Then again, Q and friends have never heard of my prophetic warning not to mess with Iran. So Q is hotly promoting the current US-funded agitation in Iran. But my prophetic warning could as easily apply to our proxy warfare. I am confident Iran’s government will have no trouble squelching the riots if they so choose. I’d be really surprised if any efforts at regime change would work there. The news reports about this are wildly exaggerating the scope and seriousness of these protests.

I tend to believe this will be the primary failure point for Trump’s agenda. Buying into the neocon/Zionist idiocy is not from God. Israel keeps pushing the envelope of what the rest of the world will tolerate. Any day now she will cross that invisible line and all hell will break loose on her. I’m convinced that God will crush Zionism pretty soon as a part of pouring out His wrath on the American imperialists.

So the sequence I see here is:

1. The globalists go down, Clinton and friends in particular.

2. But the globalists will not surrender. Lots of lawsuits and indictments, then some bloodshed.

3. America will struggle with economics and some foreign policy failures.

4. God will crush the imperialists and Israel; it will be at least partly supernatural.

5. The US will break up into smaller states.

Running through all of this is how most of the warfare between parties will take place online. The bloodshed will be secondary as a consequence of the propaganda warfare on the Net. If you want to watch it as it happens, stay tuned to the activity on 4chan, 8chan and Reddit. Several blogs are tracking this, such as the one I linked above. It’s very hard to find a source that doesn’t actively support the troll army, so keep in mind the bias. This will help you see the first two items. The rest may be harder to track once they get started.

This is what I honestly expect to see, and what I plan on living with as it happens.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Rattling My Own Cage Again

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    These ideas are better than mine, since I don’t have the time/inclination to follow some of this stuff close enough.


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