The Inevitable End of the West

Biblical Law is the Person of Christ. Get to know Him and you will know Biblical Law; this is the Covenant of Christ. It absolutely requires heart-led mysticism and spiritual birth. You are under that covenant when the Lord reaches out and touches you and breathes His Spirit into your soul. The Bible calls these people “the Elect” and makes clear it is a minority of humanity, but never says why that is so. The Covenant of Christ (Covenant of Biblical Law) is binding only for the Elect.

The Covenant of Noah is subsumed under Biblical Law. If you are in Christ, you use Noah merely as a reference point for your flesh. However, Noah is binding on all humanity. In case you are wondering, the Covenant of Moses is a specialized application of Noah, binding only on Jews. Moses implies Noah in that sense. However, the purpose of Noah is to point to higher things; it is the gateway for fallen mankind to find God’s ultimate truth.

Further, Noah implies the heart-led way. You can’t really get Noah right without heart-led mysticism, but you can begin to harvest the blessings — the shalom of Noah — without that. Noah also has unstated prerequisites; your social structure and government must be tribal, feudal and covenantal. Those should be seen as all one thing, but I break it up that way because we are addressing this from the Western viewpoint. These three help to depict the particular failure of the people in the USA. Those three items were ubiquitous in the world of the Bible, so they aren’t much of an issue up through the New Testament times. They become an issue because Western Civilization is a glaring failure of them.

(Note: The proper feudalism is not Western Medieval feudalism, but Ancient Near Eastern feudalism, which is quite different. The former if focused on real estate and tangible property, while the latter is focused on people as the real treasure. The latter is also inherently covenantal.)

But these are so essential that we can declare them as fundamental to Creation itself. The natural world is tribal, feudal and covenantal. You cannot hope to understand natural processes without understanding those three. And we could add that you cannot understand nature without seeing that every part of Creation is alive, sentient and willful, another prerequisite. This is rather plainly stated in Scripture, but precious few Bible readers take it seriously. This is why mainstream organized Christian religion is failing.

Our point here is that we must assert without waffling that Noah remains binding on all humanity; it is the standard by which we evaluate all human governments, and all human activity in general. The blessings are magnanimous; they are so generous that if you but nibble at the edges of Noahic Law, you will receive some measure of shalom, which we define generally as social stability. However, a more detailed description appropriate to Western minds is to break it down: reasonable prosperity, resistance to diseases, relative strength against enemies, and a stable economy and social order. Furthermore, nature itself tends to be kinder and more cooperative. Notice that we deny there is any mechanistic connection; these blessings reflect relative improvements over the baseline of other folks around you who ignore Noah’s Law.

It works on a sliding scale, rather like friendliness with humans. The more you cling to Noah’s provisions, the friendlier Creation gets, because it represents drawing near to the Creator. An otherwise failing society that is tribal-feudal will reap benefits over other societies in the same region that pretend to democracy or something else. So it’s entirely natural that a tribal Muslim people that migrate to a Western country will eventually take over the country, even if they have no conscious intent to do so. God will simply give them their new home.

That’s because Western Christianity is not genuinely Christian. Christ was an eastern man teaching an eastern religion; the Bible is an eastern book. Western churches are infused with a Germanic mythology that is quite foreign and even hostile to a genuine Hebrew traditional viewpoint.

Everything happening today can be explained by the moral power of Noah’s Covenant. See how the Latina wins her local election to the shock of everyone in the establishment? She’s a Latina who is openly racist (i.e., supports La Raza) in a majority Latino voting district. Nothing else about her matters much to the voters. You’ll read all kinds of commentary that suggests other factors, like being openly socialist in a socialist district, but that’s not the real story. And for those of us who understand Biblical Law, we see nothing wrong with this.

What’s wrong is letting her have significant authority over people who don’t agree with her agenda. A make-believe cosmopolitan USA is totally contrary to the Bible. The people in her district should have what they want, but they should not be able to force it on anyone else. The whole point in electing her to Congress is to change the balance of national policy. The USA is not a genuine nation, but an empire that enslaves all kinds of people. The US has done that since her birth, and now the slaves outnumber the slavers in certain locales. You should expect the tables to turn, but the fragile system that once held us all together is already fractured and coming apart. Freedom for one group will always mean oppression to every other group.

If it so happens the Lord calls you to a mission among Latinos, you’ll find their culture makes a whole lot more room for the heart-led way. Muslims very obviously stand quite close to it, but their otherwise rigid adherence to Islam can be quite an obstacle to missions. And there are other groups for which you’d have to study and experiment to see how they respond, but I dare say almost any culture will be more open to the heart-led way than white Americans. The so-called “American Way” is relentlessly hostile to Noah’s Law, so it stands as an abomination to God. It’s dying and won’t be back. Theoretically, it can be saved only at the cost of a horrific slaughter and forced emigration of non-whites; but then Caucasian birthrates are already approaching a net loss due to cultural drift.

Caucasian Americans are the remaining core of Western Civilization, so don’t be surprised at what happens to them as a race when God squashes the West.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to The Inevitable End of the West

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    America is even an auto-empire: an empire within its own borders. The idea of a “melting pot” is this exact thing. That a multiplicity of cultures could be ruled by one culture of legislation without some eventual contention between them is out-of-this-world insane. No casual student of human behavior would think this would work, but if you’re one to think that “concepts can become reality if it makes sense and we try hard enough,” then any wacko social experiment can seem like a good idea.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Amen, Jay. This must be some kind of shocking, frightful insider truth we share, because every time I raise the issue, the “likes” and comments disappear. I suppose that shows how powerful is the brainwashing. Without a heart-led covenant communion in Christ, races cannot and should not try to mix much.


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