Assessing the Virtual and Social Climate (Updated)

I stand by the predictions I made a few days ago. When I go back and check them against my heart, the fire still burns brightly. God can always change His mind, as He has done often enough in the Bible, so take me with a grain of salt.

But those predictions are in the future. Let me share with you my understanding regarding some of what is going on right now. It’s not behind the scenes, but I get the impression the audience isn’t really all that large. The person who communicates on 8chan as “Q” has been discussing the Trump team plans for dealing with his enemies. You can find it condensed here (not all browsers will display it properly; allow some time to load). Sometimes it’s cryptic, but there are plenty of people who catch on to it and echo with more clarity. I’ve been paying attention with a wait-and-see attitude. We are about to see if this is for real or just a game.

From what I understand, the whole point has been pumping up the Trump troll army and preparing to expose the crimes of Trump’s opponents. Some of these revelations will be in concert with official legal action, but Q’s job has been to rally the troops to broadcast the message far and wide.

Starting July 5 — Thursday — we should see some early fruit of all this background noise, in terms of revelations, if not action. I didn’t discern any specifics, but I do believe I grasp the general trend of Q’s leaks. As previously noted, a primary leverage for legal action is child sex trafficking. There are thousands of sealed indictments and Q connects that with a mass wave of resignations in business and government leaders. He also notes that Mueller’s team is a mere 20-25, while AG Pete Sessions had handed U.S. Attorney John Huber a whopping 470 people, and he has the authority to hand down indictments in all 50 states. This is why there are some 40,000 sealed court documents appearing over the past few months, far above the normal amount of roughly 1000 over three years. (This paragraph was corrected to reflect a better understanding of details.)

I can’t guess what or how much will come Thursday, but a significant element in this is the timing against the mid-term elections. Thus, the action Q promises will take place mostly this month and next month, so it will likely be spread out to some degree. He claims there will not be a civil war, that the MSM is hyping that angle, but I call that overly optimistic. A good slate of indictments will delay the violence, but won’t prevent it. Still, for the sake of innocent lives, I sure hope Q is right about that.

Anyway, the whole thing strikes me as happy sounding propaganda for the Trump troll army. It’s like a campaign rally online, so there’s no time limit; it’s been rolling along since October last year. I’m convinced Trump is in on this.

On a related note, I’ve also been poking around some alt-right sources. This is the new face of the old underground patriot militia. This new generation has been talking about Trump in terms of benevolent dictator and as “God Emperor” in a joking bit of hyperbole. These are the folks who see no problem with violence against lefties, half-joking about wanting to drop major figures into the ocean from helicopters. They would volunteer to help out with deporting all non-citizens by force. These people are for real, and their numbers are significant. Oh, and they are typically well armed, including a very large percentage of military veterans adept at quickly organizing a response to confrontations. (Note: These folks are paying attention to the troll army, but not part of it.)

But a matching flaming rhetoric comes from the likes of Antifa and other hard leftists. Maybe you noticed the article by an agitator who said bombings would be common soon, just as it was in the 1970s with the radical leftists. And of course we can’t forget the ranting by members of Congress that there should be riots whenever any of Trump’s cabinet are spotted out in public. The number of folks willing to carry this stuff out are not small, but they have posted ads on Craigslist to pay people to show up for demonstrations, etc. — again. This may explain why they consistently lose in street battles, because hiring at that rate of pay seldom attracts professional thugs.

From what I can tell, both of these groups mean business. However, I rather expect it will take awhile. I believe the alt-right is waiting for the radicals to make the first move. I don’t expect the average Joes and Janes to get involved unless/until it gets completely out of control.

Now let me shift gears for a moment. I warned about Zionists raising the ante with cyber attacks against people who oppose them. Their actions are nuanced in terms of how much attention and influence their opponents gain, but anything posted on the Net will be at least noticed.

This takes place in a wider background of rising malware, computer exploits and general mayhem. The research into these threats doesn’t always pay attention to the politics of targeting, and Zionism is becoming an increasingly sensitive topic that many folks simply won’t touch. But those who share an opposition to Zionism have noticed increased hassles regarding computer security and network access. Some will always be paranoid, but there is also some quite reasonable discussion about how they are being targeted.

I believe the Zionist machine has now placed me on the lower rung of their notice. I have recently experienced some network trouble that appears targeted. I won’t bore you with the technical details, but sometimes I have trouble accessing articles or sites that discuss Zionist crimes. So far, I’ve been able to get around it, but it requires a little extra effort. I sense that I am way ahead of most victims in terms of technology experience, but I’m not in a position to offer much help to others out there, only to those who contact me.

Let me reiterate that my only worry in all of this is that someone will attempt to hijack my message. In particular, I’m concerned that someone will masquerade as me and say something I don’t support, or attempt in some way to discredit me. That does happen to others, but it’s not easy to pull off. It takes significant effort for now. I believe I’m not that big of a target yet. Our message is very distinctive and not that popular. It’s by no means activist, but it could be construed as supporting those who are more activist.

As you probably know, Zionism permits no neutrality. Insufficient enthusiasm is treated as hostility. However, the majority of Americans remain unenthusiastic, so Zionists are frantic and frustrated at how the US government policy is too feeble. It is shocking enough to the American conscience that federal and state laws are seeking to make it illegal to join the BDS movement in any way. There is a significant push-back from the left, and a little on the right. It doesn’t fit into the political polarization of left versus right, because Zionism is really an elitist position in the first place.

The Internet tends to ignore that kind of distinction. It prospers those who are passionate but lacking social leverage. This is an age of the little guy rising up to push back at the elites, and the little people actually have some parity of power on the Net. Our virtual parish is thinly scattered geographically, but the Internet permits us to fellowship with some strength and warmth. I doubt this blog will face actual censorship, though I do expect Zionists to make the effort. I’m not feeling threatened, only annoyed. It will get worse, but there are limits, and I’m confident God will see us through.

Our message will grow as things get more chaotic.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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