Keep Watch for Turmoil

If you are heart-led, if you really buy into this Radix Fidem Christian Mysticism stuff, you are a threat to the system. I can tell you from working within the clergy of several evangelical denominations that what holds them together is the money and power.

You can surely find faith within the institutional churches. The Lord will not let His voice be silenced. However, the system keeps running in spite of faith. Once a denomination finds a way to establish the flow of money and the levers of power, the leadership will fight to prevent changes that would threaten that. Very few of their congregations could function without the facilities and production activities. A great many their members would simply go somewhere else looking for that worldly footprint.

So you can work in any churches that you feel called to deal with, but you cannot take seriously the claim to faith as soul of the community. It’s all about control, not trusting the Lord to run things. They keep defining “church” down to whatever suits them, trying to put God in a box. If you don’t see God in their terms, they declare that you don’t know Him. Their words are a thin cover over their failures.

We aren’t building a competing empire. We have no intention of threatening the system, but we would love to see some of those members find the heart-led walk in Christ. The leadership will feel threatened by our work. I found that out the hard way. Be careful how you walk among them if that’s where God calls you. It’s possible they may seek to engage government power to shut us down, so we try to remain a difficult target. Trying to harm us should be like trying to grab wind. They can feel us, but there’s nothing that gives a handle for control.

On a related note, I wanted to explain a few more things about the current political situation, because the churches will panic when things starts to come apart and it will affect our mission.

Were you aware just how close we came to a military coup in the US? I often wondered about that, but reading Q’s archives, I found a frank confession that it very nearly came during Obama’s term. And had Clinton won the election, there surely would have been one. But the military found an ally in Trump and, so far as I can tell, did some things that helped him win. It’s more complicated than that, but that’s part of the story; some of the damaging leaks were aided by the military.

Whoever Q is, he/she/they are likely part of Military Intelligence. The CIA has been at war with those folks for quite some time. It’s restricted warfare behind the scenes, but I can assure you the CIA operates independently and sometimes in defiance of the US military. The CIA has quite often done things that got our troops killed in foreign countries.

It’s possible that Trump can cleanse the FBI of Clinton loyalists, but the CIA is a much bigger problem. I’m not sure anyone knows just how deep the globalist rot goes, because there are several other intelligence agencies involved that you seldom hear about.

To be honest, I think there could still be a coup of sorts, but at this point it would be more like Trump declaring martial law. I believe that option remains part of the ongoing plan. Every high tension turning point holds the potential for it, and we are currently on one of those points. But as long as the administration can whittle away at the globalists, there’s no need to take any shortcuts on the system of government. Let us pray that they succeed.

None of this is secret; it’s there in plain sight for those who choose to examine the situation. Lots of people in the military can tell you about the double-crossing from the CIA protecting our battlefield enemies for insane spying purposes. It’s as if their snooping is far more important than simply defeating the enemy. The CIA has completely forgotten their true mission. And they aren’t all that competent at the mission they have chosen for themselves.

Right now the CIA and FBI are fighting congressional oversight, and that may be enough leverage to root out the source of trouble. Not that Congress is likely to actually do anything, but this serves to expose the depth of the problem and will help to justify more severe actions against the traitors in the system.

Keep your eyes open. Something so small as the recent mass discharge of immigrants from the military can tell you a lot. Why would the military suddenly close a traditional path to citizenship that way? It means operational security in the military is being tightened in preparation for something risky. And when something does happen, you can bet the established church leaders will be drafted into supporting whatever it is. It won’t be just ICE sniffing out undocumented immigrants; all kinds of loyalty checks will be implemented in all kinds of ways.

Some of you, my dear parish folk, will come under pressure. Trust the Lord and be faithful.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Keep Watch for Turmoil

  1. Every time you mention “Q”, I envision the omnipotent and completely amoral character of the same name on Star Trek the Next Generation (and various spin-offs). Since that recurring character is so well known by most, I must wonder if this moniker was chosen deliberately. If so, surely it might be a good idea to keep in mind that “Q”, the character, (like Satan) lied or mislead in order to fulfil his own agenda. Using human beings as puppets for his own amusement, he created scenarios that were life threatening or morally threatening just to see what people would do.

    Of course, it was Star Trek, so everyone did what was “best”; in Gene Roddenberry’s world, humans always aim upward. This ain’t Star Trek.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    I thought of that, Christine. There’s no doubt that Q’s agenda is consistent with the Military-Industrial Complex and the Neocons in service to Zionism. And if you ask me, the adulation for this “Great Awakening” that the troll army keeps trumpeting, along with the adulation for Q and Trump, smells to me just like fascism. But I remain utterly certain that this is how God intends to destroy first the communist-globalist machinery in the US.

    If Q and friends fail at this task, we will face an apocalypse. If they win, we face a lesser tribulation. In the latter case, our message has a chance to spread. I shudder at the very idea of the former. Either way, God’s wrath is falling on the US. I’m also still certain that in due time the Trump-Q machinery will also collapse, but that will take a while. We should seize try to understand what is happening and seize the opportunity.


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