Don’t Lay up Treasures in This World

Of course, globalists are not the only problem we have to deal with here in the US. Having an empire in the first place is a major issue, even without the hijacking.

I’ve already discussed here on this blog God’s laws for empire specifically, and how the Covenant of Noah applies to all governments in general. The point here is that our current ruling regime is serving another false god, though a different one from the globalists: Zionism. This is pretty much the same false image of Jehovah that arose from the Hellenized perversion called the Talmud. It’s why they could murder their Messiah: They didn’t know their own God and couldn’t recognize His Son.

For now, most of the imperialist energy is absorbed in cracking down on the globalists. This is no small task, but the regime expects to be mostly finished breaking the globalists by the end of this calendar year. This is in part because the globalists remain a threat until they are completely broken. Please, forget about Republican and Democrat; there are some of each party in both globalists and imperialists. D versus R is just a misdirection to hide the real game. God is using the Zionists to crush the globalists.

As that task winds down, more and more resources will be aimed at the ultimate goals of Zionism. Those goals include things like dispossession and displacement of the previous inhabitants of Palestine. Along with this is the weakening and destabilizing every neighboring government that doesn’t also serve Zionism. But even those who are currently friendly or tolerant toward Israel will someday be expected to prostrate themselves before the altar of Zionism or likewise be broken up. Israel is entirely untrustworthy.

You should consider this the official religion of the US military leadership and some of the agencies that aren’t currently run by the globalists. But there is a surprise coming: By the time the globalists are no longer a problem, a functional majority of US military and civilian folks may refuse to fully subject themselves to Zionism’s demands. Thus, the turmoil of choking out the globalist threat will continue as Zionism becomes an even bigger threat for abuse and slavery in the US. It will provoke resistance. This is likely what will destroy the US government. The pig-headed Zionists among the government elite will not listen to the voice of the people. Thus, God will also break down the imperialists/Zionists.

If you walk with me in my rejection of Zionism, you will risk taking some significant persecution until things settle down in the new regional governments that arise from the ashes of US defiance of God. Zionism’s obscene demands will divide families, churches, businesses, schools and clubs — every thing we do will be polarized in the extreme. But Our Lord always provides a way for us to keep His message alive in this world until He’s ready to bring us Home.

So our shalom depends on us learning how to rebuild our earthly lives into heart-led covenant families. We’ll need to be willing to let go of a lot of things dear to us because this world will simply take them away. Don’t lose heart; all of this is merely temporal and disposable compared to the Kingdom of Heaven. This otherworldly focus is what distinguishes us from most of the mainstream churches in the US. Let God handle the big stuff in this world; our existence is His glory.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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