Small Parts

Stuff is happening, but much of it is behind the scenes.

We are in a time of winnowing on the blog here. Some of it isn’t voluntary, I suppose. I suspect the search engines aren’t entirely favorable to the content and placing us progressively lower on search listings. Either way, I’m not upset with anyone if they decide this isn’t for them. We don’t want everyone and we surely cannot help those whom the Lord has not drawn. There is always a mass of people just hanging around for the sake of entertainment.

As always, the one thing I want most for you is that not need me. I feel certain that the hand of fascism is already slowly tightening its grip on the Internet. It doesn’t matter if you imagine it as right or left fascism; it’s all the same to us because it all seeks to silence our message. If your faith rests on my blather, then it’s not faith. Calling it Radix Fidem is just a label we’ve plastered on it for the sake convenience. There’s nothing sacred about this online parish except you, the followers of Christ.

That said, the desire to be with you burns brightly. That’s how the Holy Spirit works, drawing us together as one people. And I could use a little more feedback and fellowship from some of you, to know how you are faring early in our tribulation. Don’t throw flowers and tell me how great this blog is; tell me how great your faith is. Tell me of the miracles you’ve been granted. Those of you who participate in the forum are already a huge blessing to me. Let’s hear from some other folks.

If you do join the forum, perhaps you’ll find out that we are praying specifically that we can join hands with other folks out there who have found the heart-led way of Christ. Not so we can boast in our traffic on the forum or this blog, but we want that fellowship of folks who know the power of communion with Creation. It doesn’t matter if you need us — we need you. Even if you don’t invest the time it takes to chat on the forum, a word in the comments from time to time here would help us handful of active participants realize we aren’t alone.

In other words, we want to be a part of your church, and participate in your religion. Maybe just a small part, but our God is the One who deserves all the attention in the first place. And just because this is my blog, don’t think I’m the only one paying attention here. I’m the one with the most time to devote to making noise and trying to formulate ways we can subject our flesh to our hearts. And as for me being an elder, it really boils down to being elder of my own household and little more. If you like the idea of having me as virtual elder, fine, but there’s nothing stopping anyone from being elder in their own domain in the real world. Either way, if you make some noise here or on the forum, it’s not a question of feeding my ego.

The question is whether you are ready to pull in the harness and bless others. Let’s take advantage of this moment to offer our gifts to each other, because there may not be any warning before someone pulls the plug. And, Lord willing, if we get the right kind of attention, we may be protected from the worst of it. Pray with us, and let us know you are praying.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Small Parts

  1. Iain says:

    It is working, as our little prayer meeting on the RF forum proved last week. I’m still amazed and incredibly blessed by the moving of the Spirit in our hearts. Distance is no barrier for the Lord. Even if we had to go back to snail mail, there is no power of earth that can stop us. Any weapon used against us will melt in the Light of His Glory.


  2. forrealone says:

    ‘And, Lord willing, if we get the right kind of attention, we may be protected from the worst of it.’ Amen to that, brother!


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